Microsoft Servers

This working group provides a place to discuss and plan Drupal contributed modules that define the interface between Drupal and Microsoft Server Products in a community driven way.

Microsoft Server software is deployed at many organizations and companies. Drupal can leverage the capabilities of these Microsoft products to further enable communication, collaboration, information sharing, workflow, commerce, data analysis, and reporting to help organizations connect people, partners, and processes.

If the future is being anywhere at any time, reaching any information or people needed at any device, we'll need to define interfaces into the systems containing this information and people.

The Microsoft Server Products are an evolving set as Microsoft releases new software or deprecates others; here is a short list of the scope at this time:

  • SharePoint Server (
  • Search Server
  • Groove Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Office Communications Server
  • Office PerformancePoint Server
  • Project Server
  • Lync Server
  • BizTalk Server
  • Commerce Server
  • Host Integration Server
  • Dynamics AX
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics RMS
  • Dynamics SL

Topic / product areas outside this group:

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Setting up a Windows Server

We went through the process last year of documenting how to set up Drupal on Windows:

There are lots of pieces of documentation, but as a long time LAMP user I couldn't find anything to consolidate it.

This needs some help from Windows System Admins, but should hopefully help some folks take the next step.

Please fork and suggest pull requests to update the documentation.

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Webinar: How to Migrate from .NET to Drupal – November 13@ 1:00 PM EST

2013-11-13 13:00 - 14:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Join Acquia and DOOR3 for an informative webinar on why migrating to Drupal CMS provides the flexibility and ROI your organization desires. With a strong practice around both .NET and open source (and Drupal), we understand all of the pros, cons and realities when it comes to CMS migrations. You'll hear an informative discussion on why this is the last move you’ll ever have to make.

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Lead Drupal 6 Custom Module Developer. Microsoft server experience preferred. | Clearspire

Employment type: 
Full time

Ok you're a Drupal pro. You've probably been stretched across many projects and haven't had the opportunity to always go deep into Drupal and its API.

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How work's Drupal developments using SQLSrv driver?

I have some questions about this scenario:

1 - If I distribute a development in drupal using MSSQL as Database Server ( that is not under GPL licence, the functions and/or procedures stored in that database can be encrypted? Notice that in this case I didn't encrypt the drupal code.
2 - If I use Drupal to interact with data generated and managed from a propietary software (which can't be redistributed), can I via contract or other negate the possibility of a redistribution.

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Is there a way for Microsoft Office suite to interact with Drupal the same way it does with SharePoint?

My management had asked me to look into the possibility to edit and save MS Office documents stored on our Drupal based intranet without a need to save them locally and upload them.
Pretty much, I need to resemble a functionality that Office 2010 and SP 2010 have when it checks out files for editing and saves them back to the site without user needing to save it locally.

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db_select - WITH (NOLOCK)


Somebody know how to get a db_select() "WITH (NOLOCK)", otherwise how do I make a Tablesort with a pager from a db_query()?

Thanks for your answers.

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MS Exchange Calendars

Has anyone had any success with connecting MS Exchange (1x Server running Microsoft Small Business Server 2011) to retrieve calendar events of the users? And, has anyone been able to take posts from a Drupal install and use them to create events inside of MS Exchange?

A walk-through (or link to same) would be really welcome. Or, is anyone willing to take on a small contract to make this connectivity possible between Exchange and a Drupal install?

All the best,

Mike DeWolfe

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Anybody knows how did I can change the target database via hook_query_alter or other hook launched before the execution of a query?

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MSSQL 2005???

Is there a possibility to connect a Drupal 7 site in MSSQL 2005, using SQLSRV?

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SDET, Redmond, WA | People Tech Group Inc.

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Location is Redmond, Washington
Start: ASAP
**Thank you for using the standard submission template.
Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET)
Must Have Skills:
* 4+ years of Experience developing enterprise applications
* Strong in C#, WCF, SQL , .NET 3.5/4.0, XML
* Strong with Windows Workflow Foundation.
* Experience with designing large scale solutions and working with multiple dependent systems.
* Experience with performance optimizations and ability to troubleshoot services in Production
* Experience integrating enterprise services

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PHP Drupal Developer | People Tech Group Inc.

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Position: PHP Developer
Location: Seattle, WA
Duration: Long Team.

Required Expertise:
• Strong PHP expertise with database, CMS, and web services.
• Drupal experience.
• Strong experience on AJAX and CSS tools.
Preferred Experience:
• Having Agile, Scrum, or Extreme development experience is strongly preferred.
• Having mobile experience.

Send me your updated resume ASAP.
Please applicable for the local consultants. Do not reply if you are outside the WA.
Mohit K. | 731-335-7756
People Tech Group

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sqlsrv trusted connection????

Hi everybody:

Is there a possibility to connect to MSSQL with trusted connection associated with drupal users; maybe using LDAP or something like that?

Otherwise can be set a pool of connections for the drupal users and keep track of who user use some login?

Please light me on this.

PD: I do my best with the English so if there errors sorry for that.

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Anyone querying Dynamics GP server from a Drupal website?

Hi everyone,

I am researching the best way to query dynamics GP data from a drupal 7 website.

Anyone implemented this before?



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Webmaster | The Cooper Union

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Cooper Union, founded in 1859, is searching for a full-time Webmaster to manage and maintain a redesigned and rebuilt website. The new website was launched simultaneous with the Inauguration of President Jamshed Bharucha on November 2, 2011. President Bharucha will take its programs in art, architecture, engineering and humanities to the next level to meet the challenges for innovation and global reach during the first half of the 21st century.

Job Responsibilities

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Microsoft CRM and Drupal

I am Stamati Crook from and very experienced with Microsoft CRM but fairly new to Drupal. I have been working with Microsoft CRM for a few years now and have an integration product that integrates Microsoft CRM (all versions including 2011 online) with the leading small business accounting package here in the UK (Sage 50). I have done a lot of work for different customers normally around the area of billing and sales orders and invoicing and so forth. I have also published a handbook online and at amazon at:

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Drupal on MSSQL

From an microsoft background worked on microsoft technology MSSQL server and .net technology.

Has anyone of the experienced drupal users worked on it like how we have webparts in Sharepoint can we have something on those lines here too.

If so what all are the technical issues which we have to take care e.g. session handling , db related activites.

Please let us know.

Regards & Thanks,

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Drupal in the Cloud - Research Paper


i'm currently researching different drupal cloud hosting technologies for a paper for university.

attached an initial overview of the paper's contents as pdf presentation and would like to know if you have any remarks to such a paper.

  • which topics would you like to know about?
  • can you think about good metrics in order to compare SaaS solutions like Drupal Gardens and Buzzr or PaaS solutions like Pantheon, DevCloud and Microsoft Azure?
  • more input welcome

thanks for your replies, i'll keep this post updated as the paper progresses.

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Senior Internet Systems Architect | Davenport University

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Davenport University, a private non-profit university, prepares students for the most in-demand, fastest-growing careers in business, health and technology. Our Information Technology team has an exciting opportunity available for a Senior Internet Systems Architect.

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Potential survey for Drupal use on Windows hosts

Drupal is used on Windows far more then most people suspect. In part this is due to a large segment of our user base being Open Source advocates which tends to inadvertently suppress discussion when a response is often 'use a linux host'. However, there is a large portion of our user base that just wants to use or deploy Drupal already are familier with the OS they currently use and don't want to learn yet another operating system. As a result I plan to start blogging again with a renewed focus on Drupal on Windows and IIS.

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