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For best performance: HTML Table or CSS?

I managed to get Drupal 6.9 running on my site (hooray) and am now looking at constructing a theme.

The basic design spec for the theme calls for 21 cells of identical height and width, floating in three equally-spaced columns having a total width of 800 pixels.

Drupal gives me the choice of defining the basic layout with either a cascading style sheet (CSS) or an HTML table.

My big question relates to the performance of a template using an HTML Table vs. a CSS:

(1) Will Drupal serve a page faster with a layout having a CSS design, or with an HTML Table design?

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Who are you? is really Walt Daniels, chief techy volunteer for the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference. I have been running their website since 1996. We are about to announce a complete redo on March 1, but you can get a sneak preview at Our offices are in Mahwah, NJ but I live in NY.

We have a small group of content people madly plugging away at filling the empty spaces. However the techy end could use some help doing things I just haven't figured out yet. I am quite willing to share with others so we all reach out goals faster.

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