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Welcome to the New Zealand Drupal Users Group. This group is to allow Kiwi Drupal Users and Developers to communicate, collaborate, organise and promote the use of Drupal in New Zealand.

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Wellington Jan 7-15

Hello! I am a Drupal developer based in Denver, Colorado and will be in Wellington and surrounds Jan. 7-15; I would love to connect with some local Drupallers while I'm there and/or perhaps borrow a desk for a day or two at a local agency for some coworking and note-sharing. Any user group meetings I should know about?

Lately I have been working heavily in Drupal Commerce 2.x and so any e-commerce people, please reach out!

Thanks, Brad

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DrupalSouth finalised sessions and one day sale on tickets

We're so excited to make our final keynote announcement and to be sharing our finalised sessions that we are rolling back the late ticket fee for 24 hours to $450.

If you know someone that doesn't have a ticket yet - let them know about this deal.

From noon Wednesday 7 November until noon Thursday 8 November (NZDT)
One day sale


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DrupalSouth t-shirts

Hi everyone, in case you missed it, we're doing t-shirts for DrupalSouth! If you want to ensure you get a t-shirt, please buy your ticket in the next day or two as we need to place the t-shirt order soon. Get your ticket here: and please show your support by spreading the word to anything you think may be interested.


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NZ Collaborative Sprint

Hi everyone,

Alex here, organiser of the Wellington Drupal Meetups.
As discussed in our last event, we are keen to do another collaborative sprint together sometime this year, focusing on a D8 module that needs a lot of love.

The poll is here!

If there are other modules you think should be on the poll that aren't, post a comment here and I'll update it.

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Directory of Drupal Companies & Consultants in NZ

See for a showcase and index of service providers.

Add a company here (it's a wiki). See also & add your company there too.

If your website does not meet the following criteria, it will be removed;

  • The website must not be down.
  • The services or products may be free or commercial.
  • The company must offer Drupal-tailored services. A company that focusses on a specific service for any CMS is not appropriate. A company offering a variation of this service that is tailored for Drupal is appropriate only if the Drupal-tailored variation is advertised as a major product or service on their website.
  • A company that offers services or products specific to Drupal as well as equivalent services or products for two or more alternate technologies, is only appropriate if the company inarguably has more than one developer working 90% on the Drupal services or products.
  • These criteria are evaluated based on the information available on the website linked to here.
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