This group is a Not-for-Profit IT support group that would enable free flow of support and exchange of ideas in the Nigerian Open Source community. This we hope will help those of us that have benefited so much from the community to give back to the community that has helped our work so much. Events shall be organised from time to time by the group. The goal of this group is to foster the local community, provide local support and to allow the local Drupal industry to grow.

The three core roles of Drupal Nigeria User Group will be

• Education
• Support
• Socializing

This group is restricted to Nigerians or Drupal users (or interested users) in Nigeria.

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Nigeria Drupal User Group Exco Elections 2017

Hello guys, we are opening nominations for Drupal Nigeria User Groups Exco 2017 Elections.
Feel free to nominate yourself for any of the positions published. This will help the group run much better without overloading a few individuals with workloads. The nomination will be open for 30 days, starting from today. Thereafter, voting will commence. You must have pre-registered before you can nominate or vote on the groups website.

Positions for Nomination

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DrupalCamp Nigeria + PHP Bootcamp 2016

2016-10-21 09:30 - 2016-10-22 06:30 Africa/Lagos
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

DrupalCamp Nigeria + PHP Bootcamp 2016 is an open source conference, with a focus on accelerated learning for people new to Drupal and also an avenue for Drupal users to contribute back to the Drupal project and community. This annual grassroots conference brings together enthusiastic beginners and experienced Drupal developers from around the country.

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Drupal Camp Nigeria 2015 Report

DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015 took place in November 2015 in Lagos.
Actual Venue was Co-Creation Hub Yaba, Lagos. A well known technology hub in the country.
It was the biggest Drupal-event in Nigeria after the last one held in 2011.
The conference had:
-84 attendees;
-8 speakers from community members.
-60 New Members;

Participants were highly satisfied with the conference/ camp program and the organization level.
The event ran for two days (21 - 22 November, 2015) and contained:

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Our Next Meet-Up September

Only local images are allowed.
Hello guys...hope you're all having a great week.
Our next Group Meeting comes up on Sunday 6th of September 2015.
Venue remains the same: Ikeja Shoprite.
Time: 3.00pm
Some of the things we will do include;
-->DrupalCampNIG2015 updates
-->Sponsorship Updates
--> Publicity Updates
--> Session Moderation and updates
--> Membership drive

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Drupal Camp Nigeria (DrupalCampNG2015)

2015-11-20 09:30 - 2015-11-21 06:35 Africa/Lagos
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

DrupalCamp Nigeria is an annual, volunteer driven, two-day conference intended to promote the awareness and adoption of the Drupal open-source platform in Nigeria. This conference brings together drupalists, other related open-source practitioners, corporate companies representatives to share their passion for the Drupal project and other open-source technologies.

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The way forward for DrupalNigeria

Today I make a pledge to post at least one new thing about Drupal Daily -#drupalpledge. What is your pledge for the remaining months

For some days now i've been eating, drinking, sleeping,dreaming, learning, editing, coding, shouting @ Drupal. I have travelled the

World Wide Web consuming all content related to drupal and its so OVERWHELMING.

I thought these information will help keep the spirit of Drupal alive in our hearts as we await the release of D8 (which happens to be

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We are glad to announce that DrupalCamp NIGERIA 2015 is a reality. Yes, at long last the ever thriving Drupal community in Nigeria has come together again to put together an awesome experience for all attendees at this years DrupalCamp. Recall that the last time we had a Camp in Nigeria was in 2011 at CCHUB, Yaba Lagos were we had almost a hundred people in attendance.

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Nigeria Drupal Group Meet-up at Shoprite, Ikeja Lagos on June 28th.

Here's just 10 Great Reasons to attend this coming Drupal Nigeria Lagos user group

1. Networking and promotional opportunities
Being active in the local Drupal community is a good way to meet others, and supporting local Drupal events is a great way to foster the local community, as well as align your brand and expertise with the global Drupal project.
2. Employment opportunities.

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Adaptive subtheme job

Hello Guys,

I have a project based majorly on Drupal Adaptive sub-theming ( It is expected to last between 2-4 weeks (depending on the speed of the candidate) on an approximate budget of N50,000. My location is Lagos but running project online should not be a problem.

Please, interested persons should have very good understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript especially as used in Drupal. Requirement for the job also includes providing theming support for Drupal 7 modules like Views, Panels and Block.

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Please help solve my drupal installation issues

Hi guys,
Please I'm a complete newbie in the realm of programmer, so I chose to do web programming. Following my practice session, I decided to test my first drupal website. But my problem is in completing the configuration. At the end of my configuration I receive "Fatal error: Call to undefined function field_attach_load()..." on my screen. I've browsed through a number of solutions on the forum but honestly, I don't quite understand some of the procedures. Please help me fix this issue and kindly break it down so I can understand. Thank you in anticipation.

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DrupalCon in a Polytechnic

Hello Guys,

Sorry i have been outta touch for a while, HND 1 students of Computer Science study Drupal as a course in my school (Ogun State Institute of Technology.. Formerly Gateway Poly Igbesa). I spoke to my HOD on the possibility of the school sponsoring a DrupalCon, thereby giving the students an opportunity to meet Experts and also give the ND students an opportunity to learn drupal aside offering it as a course and amazingly she agreed, so i told her i ll relate it to the panel of gurus.

P.S: Pls replies are needed urgently cos the program should hold within 2nd semester.

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Abuja Meetup!

Hello Guys,

We have all done great to be part of the Nigeria group, but local meetup and community meeting has been the great model for achieving stuffs and sharpening skills.

Am shouting out to all the Abuja, residents in this group (if there are any), respond to this discussion if you are interesting in having an Abuja meetup. There will be drinks and fun.

Share your tots...

See ya.

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Drupal Programmer to work in Abuja

Hello people,

We need a programmer who is proficient is building applications and modules with drupal to work in our company in abuja.

Any interested candidate can send their resume to


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Project Topic (Web development in relation to cyber Security)

Hiya Fam, am new to drupal. so far i have found it interesting, am presently running my SIWES program and am scouting for a project topic for my final year project and i would love to do something in the line of web development. i want to do something security related (because am studying cyber security at uni).
Please i need suggestions from you guys. Am still new to this so i might not have an idea on some stuffs yet, but i want to start thinking towards that cos i have limited time left.
Thanks fellas.

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iLagos: A New Live Project! Feedback Needed From You Guys

Hi guys,

I just launched a new Drupal-based web platform, iLagos ( and I need technically savvy testers and early adopters like you (most especially Drupal and web experts) who would give me serious feedback.

As a token, I will give you a privileged access to have you business or place of interest get listed on the platform as long as it meets the requirements (i.e. it's Lagos based). (Its still in beta version and listing slots are limited and strictly controlled for now).

Please see the attached screenshots.

If you need further details, please see the following:

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Snail speed membership growth

Hello everyone, the membership of Drupal Nigeria Group is growing, no doubt, but its growth is likened to the movement of a snail, shot with a slow motion camera! What can we do to change this. From what i see, Drupal has become a movement in the Web Technology Business in the Western World. A lot of us in Naija, have become voodoo app developers, just because drupal is getting better and better by the day. But the more, the merrier. Its about time we started evangelising drupal with some more seriousness and vigure. Lets start hosting small meet ups, and free trainings for newbees.

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Drupal Developer | Drax Arts

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed
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My thoughts on Drupal, Drupal Nigeria Group, Adoption rate and Giving back

Hello all,

i have missed two of the drupal camp events held in lagos now, and i wish it were not so.
First of all , kudos to group organizers that try to do their part to scratch this itch.

First , Let me introduce myself

I am charles Ihekwoaba by name and i build websites using drupal. i am partial or biased in this regard, and the reasons are beyond the scope of this discussion. I have been pleased with the outcome of my efforts (in learning drupal) and i think the same may be said for all of us here in this group.

To the matter

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Drupal Nigeria Community Meetup in Lagos 2013 (2014)

So the year is almost over and we still did not end up pulling off another Drupal Camp in Nigeria.

Can we do a small Drupal Community meet up in Lagos before the end of 2013 ?

No big deal, meet up at a fast food / restaurant on the island, no budget, every one goes dutch, drinks on the house , we will talk drupal , technology and anything else ...

If we have up to 5 people replying "interested" , we will set up a time and date .

If not, well , we will start planning Drupal Camp 2014 ...

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Top .ng Drupal Websites

Hey guys,

I used to run this for South Africa (where I'm from) and recently expanded the script to include other countries.

That's a list of the most accessed .ng Drupal websites in Nigeria by people from Nigeria, ranked. It's a weekend project labour of love, so don't be too hard on it ;-)

It uses top sites data I purchase from Amazon/Alexa, strips out all domains, then runs Wappalizer (github-hosted JSON analysis logic) against the top sites to determine which runs Drupal.

Kind regards,

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