SimpleTest Roadmap for Drupal 7

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There are many things that need to be done to SimpleTest is to provide full test coverage, as requested by Dries, and be placed in the core. A lot of work has already been completed and we are making great strives towards making this a reality, but there is still much to do.

I have provided a general overview of what needs to be accomplished.

  1. Complete functional tests. (list)
  2. Review functional tests and ensure that they pass against HEAD and test necessary functionality.
  3. Plan unit testing
  4. Generate stub unit tests using SimpleTest Unit Testing
  5. Write unit tests.

There are a number of tasks that need to be completed to accomplish the goals above. This list is by no means final and will most likely grow with time.

  • #244741: Remove drupalVariableSet
  • #244701: Internal browser doesn't select first option and ignores selected options
  • #243769: Reset Environment
  • #243367: System tests are broken
  • #243532: Parse drupal errors
  • #242958: Clean up the modules code a bit
  • #242843: Clean up database table from crashed tests
  • #242934: Polish profile test
  • #239358: Get tests working for upload module
  • #241956: Do not call exit in simpletest module for CLI
  • #242069: Simpletest should include exception data in reporting
  • #242474: Using fnmatch breaks simpletest on windows
  • #240619: Default assertText Message
  • #240590: Remove various cleanup variables from DrupalTestCa
  • #240590: Remove depreciated method names
  • #238379: A little cleanup of the new UA code
  • #239565: Multiple test functions and db_prefixing cause error
  • #238640: Assert function for checking the non-existance of fields
  • #238538: Story is now article
  • #203784: Upload settings test
  • #234409: Create Group Convention
  • #212351: Polish the crap out of SimpleTest module
  • #237964: Clean up documentaion
  • #237963: Get coding standards into Coder Module
  • #234405: Coding Standards
  • #237931: Support for file input type in the new internal browser
  • #233161: Tests for issues
  • #179534: Use a separate test database, transactional/rollback
  • #231348: Find a consistent naming convention for the *.test
  • #235013: desc is not Drupalish, use description
  • #237940: drupalPost throws exception in new browser
  • #237934: assertFieldById throws exception
  • #237667: get_info to getInfo
  • #237407: assertField() is broken
  • #237369: Clean up user-related functions
  • #236535: Consistent usage of t()
  • #236131: Create dummy files that can be used by tests for u
  • #232109: Replace SimpleTest browser with our own
  • #59505: Taxonomy tests need updating
  • #209297: New param in drupalGet
  • #230138: Absence defaults['created'] in drupalCreateNode
  • #229179: Wrong format in drupalCreateNode
  • Large number of test issues.

Below is a list of issues that need to be decided.

  • #214028: Break Tests up by method
  • #199880: Call to undefined method BadGroupTest::getTestIns
  • #214570: Replicate 'Begin' button at the top of the page
  • #212304: drupalCreateNode does not use the internal browser
  • #230269: Generate urls for running tests directly
  • #212415: Use hook_requirements() rather than odd simpletest
  • #233161: Tests for issues

The following are fixed issues that have comments that need to be looked at for possible problems found through testing.

Things to remember to fix/change.

  • #244763: Move unit tests out of user functional tests