Drupal Design Camp LA 2011: Site visit to Spring Arts Tower

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Is anyone able to join me for a site visit to the Spring Arts Tower in Downtown LA next week? The venue is already booked for the Drupal Everywhere and Drupal Design Camp LA events, so this visit will be for evaluating nearby parking, where to up registration, seating, projection/presentation space, and so on.

The visit should be next week (some time between the 25th and the 29th) and the best day for me is Thursday the 28th. I hear that the Crocker Club (the bar in the basement of the Spring Arts Tower) will be open that night. Apparently they have a dress code, so if you'd like to go there for a Drupal After Dark after the site visit, please avoid wearing athletic/sportswear and shoes, logos, slogans, faded/torn jeans and baggie clothing.


I will be there!

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I will be there!

"glamorous and sexy evening wear"

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To clarify, what I wrote above about the Crocker Club dress code is what their website says, nearly word for word. They also say "glamorous and sexy evening wear", and I think having the Drupal Everywhere and Drupal Design Camp after parties there will be a blast.

The site visit is scheduled

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The site visit is scheduled for Thursday at 4pm. I'll announce this at tomorrow's meetup, too.

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