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Latest updates

Hi There,

This group has been quiet for some time. The best place to read updates is the Rules 8.x Roadmap issue

There we announce and post updates about our regular initiative meetings.


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#d8rules update May 2014

As you might know, we have started an initiative to collect funds for porting the Rules module to Drupal 8: #d8rules. We are in the middle of our crowd funding campaign on Drupalfund and development has already started. In this post, I'll share an update on the development status of Rules 8.x and talk about what's next for the #d8rules initiative.

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Status update

At Drupal Dev Days Szeged fago, klausi, xano & me sat together to plan necessary steps for porting Rules to Drupal 8. The architectural decisions have been laid out by fago and we defined a Rules 8.x roadmap that splits up this major effort into 3 milestones.

Alltogether the effort is calculated to take 1048 hours of development time to fix outstanding tasks for Drupal 8, port all the subsystems of the Rules core engine, the Rules APIs and the User Interface as well as the scheduling functionality.

So far, 1/3 of our first milestone has been funded thanks to our great sponsors and individual supporters on Drupalfund.

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Rules search module


We use rules extensively, and once in a while need to find a rule or component that triggered an email (or similar). Here are some more words and a link to the module in github:

Feedback appreciated.

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Wireframes! - Rules UX reloaded by fluxkraft

As introduced recently we've started working on a new Rules UI as part of the fluxkraft project.

So after quite some planning and discussion we came up with some wireframes that should show how we imagine the new Rules UI to work. The wireframes are not very detailed - expect the details to change - but still the wireframes should show the overall idea.

So let's have a look at them and discuss :-)

Browse rules screen

Browse Rules screen

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Drupal Rules how-to: book review

Book Title: Drupal Rules how-to
Website: Packt Publishing
Author: Robert Varkonyi
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Reviewer: Veturi JV Subramanyeswari, Liran Tal

In short

The book Drupal Rules how-to is a good way to getting started in using the Rules module. It contains a number of step-by-step instructions on how to set up various Rules configuration, and short explanations on how the configuration works. The book is really a how-to: If your ambitions is to understand how the Rules module works, rather than just using it, you'll have to do quite a bit of puzzling yourself. It should also be mentioned that the book contains some inacurracies, and there are even some bad practice being promoted. The most impressive feature of the book is its span: It will really show you Rules functionality from beginner to expert level.

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Bot Rules released

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is my pleasure to announce that Bot Rules 7.x-1.0-alpha1 has been released today. It provides basic events, conditions and actions to integrate an IRC bot (using Bot module) with Rules.

What can it be used for? For example, to send new content/comments notifications to IRC, to retrieve data from your site ('Bot, how many new nodes this week?') and more, limited only by your imagination and skill.

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Introducing: Rules Bonus Pack

A few days ago I started a new project on Rules Bonus Pack!
As has previously been discussed, it is a set of modules with 'sandbox' functionality for Rules, that can be used, tested, improved – and also serve as a greenhouse for some features to go into the main Rules project.

I have already updated the project several times, and I expect to add more things every now and then. It contains a lot of things I have been wanting to do with Rules, and is now made much easier. Some examples:

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Rules 7.x-2.x Development Update

I'm currently working hard on the drupal 7 compatible 2.x version of Rules. So what's new?

  • The whole API has been revised, so it's more modular, extensible and easier to use. So now all rule elements (conditions, actions, ORs, ANDs, LOOPs) are reusable components on its own, e.g. a module not interested in Rules could easily reuse just the conditions.
  • New rule elements may be contributed by modules. Rules comes now with support for loops (and data lists) too.
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User Stories

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Showcase using rules to play games inside Drupal 7

I started off with a question about a year ago.
My question was "Can I use Drupal to create a game that is playable by players”?
To build it in Drupal I had to think differently from what i used to CMS or OOP.

My most basic idea was that I will define a set of Entities that acts as my “game”.
Game – is the static game that will hold a title, description and some preset fields that will by determine by game type.
Game type – is the bundle of game and allows it to be field able.
Running game – is a running instance of the game at hand.

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Drupal Commerce + Rules + Paypal for modular recurring payments

Hi all,
Just finish releasing new module and writing the whole use case about it.
In few words - we had to fill the gap of some missing "building blocks" between Paypal, Drupal Commerce and Rules, and once we made it, the flexibility of recurring payments using Paypal is much stronger.

Long story -

Any comment is more than welcome !
Hope this will be useful for others.

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Mobile4Social WikiVillage - mobile application based on Drupal

Hello all,
Only local images are allowed.
We are pleased to release another Android application from the hands of
In this case, the owners of were looking for jump into the mobile world, and decided to use our technology as the basis.

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My GSoC Experience

I successfully completed my GSoC project after a terrific summer and here I’m going to share my experience with the whole program and what I learnt from it.

I was very excited when my proposal got selected by the community but didn’t know where to proceed, at that moment my mentor klausi and co-mentor fago helped me; they gave me initial instructions about CVS, git/github, Eclipse and Drupal. I spent almost three weeks to understand how these stuff works. In the same time I was trying to understand Rules 2.x and somewhat entity. Rules 2.x in my opinion is a great module (fago is doing a wonderful work) with a large code base and I am also newbie to OOP, so I also thought it would take more time to trace the Rules code than actually doing my proposed stuff. But as we decided a weekly open meeting throughout the program, I got an idea about my work in first meeting; it was really a tough meeting for me to grasp. We (klausi, fago and me) discussed about whole idea with a shared google diagram.

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