ULT Feature List

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What is ULT?

Note: Pending approval, I hope to have the ULT module (for Drupal 6) posted to Drupal.Org by February.

ULT stands for 'Ultimate League Tool', a custom module built in the Spring of 2010 to organize and manage the various leagues put on by the 'Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club' (also known as RUFDC). The module was put into production on the RUFDC website in April, and used to manage two four-tier leagues for both the Spring and Summer seasons ... consisting of over 700 players, almost 50 teams, and 431 games.

The module development was sponsored by RUFDC, on the condition that the finished module be made open-source (to ensure the organization was not left stranded if they lost access to the primary developer). Further inspiration came from the 'LeagueRunner' project current being used by other Ultimate Frisbee leagues across Canada.

Initial ULT Feature List

The module attempts to provide the basic necessities required for any large organization wanting to manage a sports league online. (Note that the initial development release feature set will differ from what's listed here, as it's being completely rewritten to comply with drupal coding standards and best practices learned since the initial build.)

League Management

  • Online league creation
  • Support for multiple leagues per site
  • Support for multiple tiers per league
  • Support for mid-season tier shuffles (in standings tables)
  • Historical results
  • 'Archive' capabilities (planned)

Field Management

  • Field Listings
  • Field status/condition tracking
  • Google Map integration with Overlays (through GMap Module)
  • Per-field notes and directions
  • Per-league/tier field assignments
  • Per-field schedules

Team Management

  • Online team creation and registration tracking
  • Team lists per league/division
  • Online Roster management (by team)
  • 'Join Roster' invitation and application processes
  • Per team 'schedule' view
  • Per team 'results' view
  • Per team 'incident reports' (planned)

Player Management

  • Individual Player Profiles (through integration with Content Profile module)
  • Online player registration and tracking
  • Online 'waiver' acceptance and tracking
  • Uses Drupal User Accounts for each player
  • Per player 'incident reports' (planned)

Schedule and Standings

  • List and Calendar based schedule views
  • Automatic standings generation based on submitted game results
  • Support for mid-season tier shuffles in standings display
  • 'Ultimate Frisbee' style Spirit Rankings in standings display (planned)

Registration Tools

  • Individual and team registration
  • Automated 'accept/reject' registration emails
  • Waiver acceptance and tracking
  • League Registration report (planned)

Manual Scheduling

  • Generate 'gameslots' to represent available field bookings
  • Assign dedicated 'reschedule' gameslots (planned)
  • View available gameslots (by field)
  • Create games with gameslots
  • Create games without gameslots (planned)

Automated schedule generation (planned)

  • Assign fields, assign gameslots, assign teams, and auto-generate a round-robin schedule

Online Score Submission and Results

  • Captains/players submit Game Results online
  • Game result 'challenge' process (for conflicting score reports)
  • Conflicting score notification emails (planned)
  • Support for Ultimate Frisbee style 'Spirit Scores'
  • View results by game
  • Recent game results by team
  • Recent game results by league

Communications Tools

  • 'Email all players in league/division/team' contact forms for league admin
  • 'Email team' contact forms for admin/captains/players
  • Individual player contact forms (via default user profile contact form)

Automated email notifications

  • Registration Notifications (partial implementation)
  • Team invitation/application emails and notifications
  • Conflicting score entry notifications (planned)