Drupal beer/5@7 on Friday the 13th in Montreal!

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2008-06-13 17:00 - 19:00 America/Montreal
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User group meeting

So after some discussions we're aiming at meeting up at the bande passante (8655 St-Denis, crémazie metro) this friday at 5-6PM to hook up with the Drupal / Koumbit / Bande Passante folks in a joyful mix to meet the local scene, share experiences and discuss how to better collaborate over the Big Pond.

Sushi nearby (along with the usual pizza and fast food culprits), free first beer for everyone (until we crack our budget!).



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Great, signing up.

Damien Tournoud

Damien Tournoud

Awesome!! :D

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I'm at least 80% sure I can come. ;) See you then. :)

Also, I stickied this and added "Montreal" to the title so when it shows up on RSS feeds people know where it is. :)

a little to early for moi

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Great, 5-6pm on Friday. Rush hour hell. I live in 450.

If I get there at 8pm, will everyone have deserted the place to fill their tummies?

t's'ok never mind moi

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I will cross the bridge in the afternoon and hang myself around.... and probably show up early to give help.

that's great! you can hang

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that's great! you can hang around the office all you want but be aware that we're in our moving preperations and will be packing up stuff. if you want to help with that too that'd sure be nice. ;)

how was it ?

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Is there comments or blog entries somewhere on how it went ? I'm curious.

I had a great time too...

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The informal "5 à 7 format was really nice. I met new people and got to follow-up on some really interesting conversations with people I already knew and respected. We discussed all kinds of subjects. Personally, the one that stands out was related to the dynamics surrounding the current patch review and the lack of a prioritisation process.

It started with the question of how we can try to avoid "popular" patches from sitting in the issue queue for too long. The "+1/-1" approach doesn't cut it at the moment since what we really want are reviews and comments. On the other hand, we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater. We could certainly benefit from some kind of rating or prioritisation system which could, among other things, help developers identify tasks to work on.

These are murky waters since we are all far too familiar with the weaknesses/"gameability" of technocratic solutions and, IMO, because the community is leary of any discussion that could spill over into a debate about the "internal politics" within the community. The fact remains, however, that the community is getting larger all the time and there are always political dimensions when large groups of people collaborate.

The way I see it, back in the day Drupal was like a village where a typical resident had a good chance of getting to know most of the other residents and could keep an eye on pretty much everything going on. In such a situation, meritocratic (social control) systems work very well and little structure is needed. At this point, however, Drupal is like a city where there are new people coming and going all the time and where nobody can truly claim to be aware of everything happening. While meritocratic structures can still work in this context, they require tools and metrics to function.

...and this was just one of the dicussions. Anyway... when I started this comment, I just wanted to say... "yeah, it was great and I look forward to the next one".

Thanks to all that came (esp. Angie, she's my fav :-))


In case anybody is interested...

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... I just blogged (for the first time in ages) about this. Admitedly the title I chose pretty lofty compared to the rant that follows :-) : Drupal Community Dynamics: The Emerging Politics of a Growing Meritocracy

I had a great time! It was

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I had a great time! It was great to connect with some like-minded people for a cool drink on a warm afternoon. I look forward to the next meetup.

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