Drupalcon Chicago

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Who is going to Chicago and wants to meet up with some Drupalgangers?
I will unfortunately not be able to come to either Chicago or London this year due to work schedule conflicts. I'm sure both will be very fun, however.
I want to be sure we have someone at each 2011 conference who has the login info for the @drupalgangers twitter account and is willing to broadcast plans and updates during the week.
Please let us know if you are planning to be in Chicago and / or London and willing to take this on.


I's a shame we won't see you

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I's a shame we won't see you in Chicago or London this year, Amy. Quite certain I'll come to Chicago this year. It would be my first ever trip to America and I really looking forward to it.
I will definitely be in London during Drupalcon. I would be happy to help with Drupalgangers' trips there. Please let me know what shall I do to start.

I will also be in Chicago and

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I will also be in Chicago and London. Sorry we won't see you Amy. Hope all is well.

Mike and I are staying in the Drupal Hotel in Chicago and I will be there on Friday. Didn't the organizers say we would be on the program? Did that happen?

Take care all.


We are on the main drupalcon Chicago page

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And there is a forum discussion group there with a few new people. Hopefully we will sort out where the designated meet up area is.


DC London

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Amy, Julia, Elsa, Christina, Heather, Dermot and whoever else is now part of the club,

I might come to London next August since Paris is only a couple of hours from London by train and that would be stupid of mine not to join you. I'll be really happy to meet you all again for some fun sight-seeing around the city.
Amy, it's such a shame you won't be able to fly over the Pond this time. Is there any chance I get to see you in 2011 though ?
I suggest we give Julia the login info for the twitter account and gmail account since she will be our local host.
Last but not least, if you have some tips for a cheap but decent accomodation, please let me know ! Thanks !

See you soon


drupalgangers' activities. Drupalcon LDN

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what do you think about joining the DrupalCon LDN as a volunteer? If you like to help with any Drupalgangers' activities it would be great. You have lots of experience and you are welcome to join London team.

If anyone wants to join London team it would be great, please do. There will be lots of free activities, picnics, boat rips and tours for Drupalcon attendees and Drupalgangers this year. If you have any suggestions about site-seeing or things you want to do in London, please let me know. I hope we will be able to fulfill your wishes.

I started looking for inexpensive (under £130 for a double room) accommodations in London. Here some reasonable, inexpensive ones near London Bridge:

and Victoria:


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