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Work is being done now to overhaul's support infrastructure. See Susan's blog post for a more detailed explanation of the issues, and proposed solution - . Some summary is below.

Development site here -



  • Helping intermediate users transition to being more advanced users and contributors. (We need an upgrade path!)
    "I know how to install stuff and build sites, but I want to do more."
  • Provide easy gateways to get people involved in other parts of the Drupal community.
    "Look at all those links!"
  • Reduce the support demands on active developers and contributors.
    "There are 400 new issues in your queue. Uh??"
  • Provide faster, more efficient support for all.
    "My questions was answered in less than 1 year. Woohoo!"


  • Move everything to
  • Phase out support forums, and the support mailing list. (Only the support related ones, not all forums or mailing lists!)
  • Build an efficient Q&A-style interface.
  • Treat posts as long term resources, so they are referenceable and searchable.
  • Eliminate off-topic chatter and duplication.
  • Improve/add moderation. Moderation to be done by a team for
  • Ease entry into IRC chat for those who don't know how to use IRC.

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