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At drupalcon Szeged their was an interesting suggestion to define RDF for Drupal curriculums. Check the presentation.

Their was the suggestion to write down bullets of what need to be in the curriculum. To me however, their it is not yet enough clarity to start creating bullets. I'm looking forward to a discussion. Whatever your point, let this post be an invitation for a discussion.

I'm aware that most training would be very focused to learn a snippet of knowledge on how to get-things-done with Drupal. The thing is, I'm running an academic course. The two should not be incompatible. I belief a good and flexibility RDF should cover a broad range of training.

During the meeting it was suggested to define a difficulty level of the training in the RDF. I've been thinking about this. A difficulty level could apply to a small snippet of knowledge. For example, a novice/expert course on views. We could have a difficulty level 'academic', but than again an academic course can be novice/expert level too. How about having an education-level next to difficulty-level? Or maybe level should be a container. For example an audience-level (developers, designs, manager, etc.) could be very relevant as well. I don't think anything should be a level, like duration and prerequisites seems to belong to another set. Does this make sense to you?

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