problems with Private Files on Media Temple DV server

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Hey everyone, I'm having problems serving private files on Media Temple's DV servers. I've never built a site that needed access to images/files served privately, so this is new. Maybe someone else has experience with this in D7.

Here's the story: I'm at the tail end of building a brand asset management system for a client. The the site will be serving logomarks, photography, presentation docs, video. These files need to only be accessible to logged-in users.

On my local installation of the site, the privacy seemed to be working very well. When I went to: http://localexample:8888/example-content/example.jpg as a logged-in user, I could see the image. When I visited the same url from a non-logged-in browser, I would get an "Access Denied" page – perfect, exactly what I wanted.

Once I moved the site to staging on a Media Temple server, this no longer seemed to work. I then tried setting "configuration"->"file system" to serve files from outside of Drupal's root (../private-files), and Drupal can't find the folder.

Is anyone aware of any eccentricities with Media Temple's DV servers that may be causing these problems? / Has anyone had luck serving files privately with D7?

Media Temple support is always dead-on or totally worthless. For this issue all they've had me do is enable some PEAR modules... whatever good that did, I have yet to find out.