Third Annual Drupal Design Camp Boston Registration Open

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The Drupal Design Camp Boston 2011 website is officially up! This means you can now:

  1. Register
  2. Propose a session-proposals are due June 12
  3. Promote the session by adding a conference badge to your website, email signature, or blog.

In keeping with the spirit of an unconference, we're also inviting everyone in the community to contribute to the design of the site by submitting their own original artwork to rotate as the background of the site. When you register, go ahead and add an image to this growing rotation of stunning photos, drawings, and graphics!

We're very excited about the great keynotes and sessions we're going to have this year. Visit to register, propose a session, and get your badge. And see you June 25.



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Does anyone know when the e-commerce module will be ready for Drupal 7? Can you point me in the right direction for an answer?

We still do most of our

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We still do most of our projects in Drupal 6, mainly because it's been around a few years, and modules we use on many sites are not yet stable for Drupal 7 (and some are still a ways off).

With Regards..
Rachel Clark

In two words: Ryan Szrama

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I don't know if you'll find the answer there, but try looking in his video on Drupal and e-commerce from last weekend's Drupal Camp Colorado.

corrected Link for An Introduction to Drupal Commerce

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I believe that your link points to a 2009 video about UberCart (the predecessor) It is currently up to Beta4. The one from this year's Drupal Camp Colorado is below.

background submit module

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Can the developer who created the module for community to upload images (used on the d4d site) please make it available on

I mean the background submit module.'s picture

It's such a specialized area and I think it doesn't get as much love as the other sites created by Drupal developers. I think a number of ecommerce web designers would benefit from a session as we could share tips and tricks.


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