Drupal Camp Chicago 2008

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2008-10-24 09:00 - 2008-10-25 18:00 America/Chicago
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit



For over 2 years Chicago Drupal has truly highlighted the benefits of an open source initiative. We have built resourceful bridges between many local Chicago establishments including non-profits, entrepreneurs, Drupal development companies, independent consultants, hobbyist, and others in the mid-west. Our goal for this Drupal Camp is to bring everyone together for open communication, education, fun, and industry networking.


An attendee-driven format with advanced resources available make this event truly unique. Need help with a problem, looking for work, or looking to hire Drupal talent? Someone can find a solution at Drupal Camp Chicago. Presentations for beginners and advanced topics will run simultaneously throughout both days. All skill levels are welcomed and laptops are encouraged. Seating is limited, register now - http://drupalcampchicago.org/user/register


UIC Innovation Center
1240 W. Harrison
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 355-5567
October Friday 24 & Saturday 25th 9am-6pm


*Pre-Registration for 2-day event: $20
*Volunteering is fun! Contact us
*Exception: Participants can request (info@DrupalCampChicago.org) a scholarship and explain their circumstances.


*Individual Support, $50
*Community Support, $200
*Professional Support, $500
*Event Sponsors, $1000
Contact us to let us know your level of commitment - http://drupalcampchicago.org/contact


*Interested in presenting? please submit a request - http://drupalcampchicago.org/wiki
*Highlight your Drupal knowledge to the mid-west
*Share your experience and contribute to the growth of Drupal



Planning on being there!

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Aaron and I are planning on being there. We're driving. We haven't settled if we're driving home Saturday night after the gig or if we're gonna stay over and leave Sunday.

Hey Aaron, we need to snag the priceline gig that Rick got out there the last couple of times we we're in Chicago.

Is anyone else interested in heading out with us?
Podcasts. recipes, books, chat, forums, mailinglists, meetings, etc. There's no end to the resources we have to get our Drupal skills up to where we want them. The Chicago Drupalcamp is an awesome opportunity to submerse yourself around some talented people.

Who wants to pile in the car and hit the road?

  • Doug Vann [Drupal Trainer, Consultant, Developer]
  • Synaptic Blue Inc. [President]
  • http://dougvann.com

I'm interested

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I'm interested in going. Just hit me up with my user contact form.

Is the website down?

eric.web's picture

I tried to view the Drupalcamp website; however, it appears to be down.

I am considering attending due to the fact that it is only $20 to attend (plus travel expenses). So for others who are going I would like to talk offline to discuss travel plans and accommodations, etc.


Our course we launch

Slurpee's picture

Our course we launch yesterday and have DNS issues today!

The server is still online and everything is good. You can hit the site via IP -

Sadly, this issue is out of my hands. Our domain registrar namecheap.com is having DNS issues since just before 8 am CST this morning.

I have opened multiple trouble tickets at the critical level with namecheap to get this resolved ASAP.

On the topic of sharing a ride...be sure to utilize the carpool wiki :)

I've Registered

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I've decided to go, probably drive down to Michigan City Thursday night or Friday morning and take the South Shore Line into the Loop. I live in Fremont, about 50 miles northwest of Grand Rapids.

Drupal Camp Chicago - Thanks for Registering

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Thanks for registering. Keep Monitoring http://www.drupalcampchicago.org as time gets closer there should be lots of activity

Bob Snodgrass

Bob Snodgrass

I'm there!

dudenhofer's picture

All registered, and looking forward to it!

Registered... Carpool?

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There know of 2 and likely 4 going here from Urbana-Champaign. We have access to a mini van that can hold up to 7 fairly comfortably. We will be staying the night somewhere close by as well. Let me know if you are in the area and want to ride up.

Dan Blah

Dan Blah

I'm definitely going...

crosenblum's picture

I got my hotel setup, conference paid up...

Would be nice to meet fellow drupaler's

Hey slurpee, how you doing?

Oh and i hope to see you all on irc.

That's where all the good drupal chatting and discussing and problem solving is going on.

I am going too!

akeiker's picture

I am coming from the Milwaukee area. I have my hotel setup. I will actually be there a day early since I have a conference in Chicago for work. I am pretty excited!

Registered, but confused

phoolish's picture

Hello people,

Excited about the Drupal Camp, but I haven't seen any more info on the schedule page since last week. When will the session information go up? Or is it the case that y'all need more presenters?

Thanks for the info.

RE: Registered, but confused

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Once registered, propose ideas for presentations. If you want to hear about a specific topic, fill out a proposal template with the topic details. Be sure to list your self as "Interested" in support of topics. Want to present on a topic? Add your details and contact us to reserve a time. Deadline to submit Session Proposals = October 22nd, 2008 6PM (CST). CDMUG will post confirmed event schedule October 23rd, 2008 8AM (CST).


Drupal Camp Chicago ALMOST Sold out!

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Drupal Camp Chicago only has 14 slots available for registration. I am only sending this information to groups.drupal.org. We advise that you register right away to ensure your attendance.

We only have room, food, chairs, space, etc, for 150 people.

If event sells out and you REALLY REALLY want to go. Please contact us - info@drupalcampchicago.org

Sold out!

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Drupal Camp Chicago 2008 is officially sold out.

This weekend should be a great way to meet people, learn technology, and have fun !


NonProfit's picture

Slurpee, this is incredible! Special thanks to you and Tourguide for all of your hard work. -NP

Sold Out

toursheet's picture

We all made it happen~~!

Thank you to all Sponsors, Presenters, and Drupal Community.


Schedule is done

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Creating the schedule took 8 people and about 4 hours :)

It is done and ready! If any presenters are not able to make it or change time slots, please contact us.

People who registered for the event will receive an email later today with more details.

Great Job guys

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Slurpee & Tourguide you guys did an amazing job this weekend. From amazing speakers, to delicious food the event was great. Well done!

Be there next year for sure. :)

Re: Great Job Guys

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I couldn't agree more. Hip-Hip-Hooray for the organizers who pulled off a great event!

OJC Technologies' presentation of the "Top Ten Drupal Modules" got rave reviews in the beginner track. Here are the online notes that folks requested....

The Top Ten Modules:

Sample OJC websites that demonstrate use of nice_menus:

Kudos Guys

phoolish's picture

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant showing up on Friday. I have been developing with Drupal for several years and didn't see much in the two tracks that appealed to me, but I was proven wrong. The networking opportunities alone were great and actually talking to several of the module developers helped immensely with my understanding of D6 and the future of D7. Thanks for a great time and awesome food (that lunch on day two was insane!!). See y'all next year.

Drupal Camp Chicago Videos

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Videos of sessions from Drupal Camp Chicago are on line and look great!

Much thanks goes out to the great presenters :)

Top Ten Drupal Modules

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Dan, Bryan and I gave a "Top Ten 10 Drupal Modules" presentation:


Drupal Camp Chicago 2008 was a blast. Thanks for recording and posting the video :)

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