DrupalCamp Florida 2009 Planning

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DrupalCamp Florida - Saturday, February 7, 2009 at MindComet in Altamonte Springs.

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Topics Offered

Please list topics you would be willing to present.

Topic Length Presenter
Intro to module development Could be short or long, depending on demand Damien McKenna
A basic starter on creating modules from the POV of a theme designer who may want an admin to modify small settings used within the theme.
Building an AJAX-driven image gallery Long Damien McKenna
(pending) Creating an image gallery using CCK fields and a module. Based on a module I wrote for Drupal 5. Will need to first port to Drupal 6.
Simple Translations Short Damien McKenna
Using the StringOverrides module and settings.php to override simple strings.
Settings Tips Short Damien McKenna
Suggestions on using site settings files more effectively.
Better Searches with Facets Short/long depending Damien McKenna
Using faceted search to improve the search engine usefulness and accuracy.

Schedule Planning

Here is my quick list of topics:

Session Name Track Presenter
The Sessions Session All ??
Sponsor Topics All ??
Showcase sites All Andrew (DisneyChildrensHospital + AboutSeafood)
Open Topics / BOF TBD ??
Intro to drupal - creating requirements for your website Track A ??
Hands on setting up a drupal site Track A Joe?
Intro to theming Track A Ryan?
Module overview - whats out there - review of "good" modules Track A Mike
CCK and Views Track A Mike
Advanced topics in theming Track B ??
The development environment -- IDE's / text editors / CVS / SVN / debugging Track B ??
Drupal coding / best practices Track B Mike
The business side - marketing and project management Track C ??
Drupal for Non-Profits Track C Orlando Fringe?
Drupal for eCommerce Track C Gabe LeBlanc?
Drupal for Publishing Track C Nik Willets?


From Ryan:

  • The Sessions Session: All people hosting a session get up to 60 seconds to discuss their upcoming session - This should take no longer than 15 minutes. This is a session that happens at huge conferences like SIGGRAPH or places where a textual description doesn't translate as well as a smiling face and a single slide.
  • A third track of sessions - I love the idea of having basic and advanced tech sessions, but I think one way to really grow the Drupal community is by reaching out to non-profits, associations, small businesses and the big dogs too. Florida Hospital, for example, has several Drupal sites I'm sure they'd be proud to show off (or the team at MindComet who developed them). This is just one example of the growing Drupal showcase we have from all over Florida. This deserves some real estate at our 'Camp. We would sell this track to folks who are interested in the applications and benefits of Drupal, as opposed to the technical how-to. My entries for speakers are just suggestions, but they are folks whom I know to be using Drupal in the specified areas. In true unconference style, these sessions could be more discussion based, with everyone who has something to add sharing the floor.

From Mike:

  • Regarding Ryan's suggestions of a third track - it looks like we'll only have two rooms available, but I think what you're proposing is good. We should probably absorb it into one of the other tracks.
  • I think the "intro to Drupal" and "hands on setting up" can probably be combined into a single session unless we have an overwhelming number of newbies show up.
  • I'm all for dropping the IDE session.
  • The coding/best practices session might be on the bubble as well - not sure how many people will be looking for this type of information at a DrupalCamp.
  • It seems like we're a bit light on the "how-to" tracks - or is it just me?
  • Thinking about the timing, we have the space from 9AM to 5PM. How about this layout for the sessions:

Session 1: 9AM - 9:30AM
Session 2 (Welcome and Sponsor Introduction): 9:45AM - 10:14AM
Session 3: 10:30AM - 11:15AM
Session 4: 11:30AM - 12:15PM
Lunch: 12:15PM - 1PM
Session 5: 1:15PM - 2PM
Session 6: 2:15PM - 3PM
Session 7: 3:15PM - 4PM
Session 8: 4:15PM - 5PM

With two tracks, that will get us 12 full sessions, 2 30-minute sessions, and the general session at 9:45AM.

What does everybody else think? What kind of information are you looking for (or willing to provide) at this camp?

From Damien:

  • I think we should have several 5-15 minute slots for people to demo small things, e.g. a module they found useful, a trick they learned, something they're proud of, these could be used as fillers around larger talks.
  • I think the main topics should build on each other, e.g. start with some basic topics earlier in the day and have more advanced ones later, so there might be a beginner topic on theming first thing and later in the day have one on advanced theming tips.
  • An alternative to the dev environment setup - have an hour setup session before the "real" sessions start that would cover general IDE/dev setup and also work as a lab to help people get their laptops ready to follow along with the rest of the sessions. E.g. this could be started at 8am while people are arriving so experienced developers wouldn't miss anything by not making it. Additional time could also be spent on the Sunday.
  • Do you think Lullabots could be convinced to let us show Understanding Drupal at the beginning as a gentle intro to those who don't know anything about it? Again, this could be shown first to familiarize newbies with some of the terminology.


A Hackathon would allow the group to work on a project, or multiple projects, together as a group and benefit from the large amount of support from experienced developers. Ideas:

  • QnA - bring a problem for the group to work on
  • Free work - work on a site for some local (non-profit) organization
  • Build a module for drupal.org - task list with multiple projects/categories & jquery-based sorting
  • Additional mini tutorials/demos left over from Saturday

A mixture of these could be done, e.g. three people work on a module together while two other groups work on QnA, etc.


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