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The following are ongoing and planned Drupal Dojo programs. Our efforts to produce webinars weekly depend on you, your interest in sharing ideas and experiences, and the availability of our volunteers. We are working on a new line up for 2012-2013 and hope to be updating the line-up soon. In the meantime, if you have something of interest to the Drupal community that you would like to share please sign up for a time slot under one of the following programs.


Title: Building With Drupal

Description: An ongoing series covering all aspects of Drupal web development from site planning, drafting proposals, project management, information architecture, development, design, infrastructure, to business and marketing.
Webinar Line-up http://groups.drupal.org/node/52023



Title: Drupal Media Sessions

Description: Discover the latest innovations w/ Drupal Multimedia; learn how to participate in exciting media projects such as the Open Media Project, Radio Engage, Music Distribution for Drupal, and their underlying features.
More info: http://groups.drupal.org/node/18213

Title: Drupal Community Building

Description: Getting involved in the Drupal community by getting your community involved in Drupal! The goal is for everyone to share what they're doing and what's working, and to figure out how we can keep building the community that makes super-Drupalers out of ordinary human beings.
More info: Growing Drupal: A Drupal Learning Track

Title: Drupal Kata sessions

Description: Progress report and calls to action for the newly minted project learning and training program.
More info: Drupal Kata group

Anything else we should do? Jump in, let us know and let's have some Dojolicious fun!

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