Portland meetup up with Dries

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2006-10-24 17:00 - 20:00 Canada/Pacific

Did you know Dries is going to be in town?

Tuesday night is free for him, so hopefully some folks can make it out. I've put 7pm as the suggested time, we could do a bit earlier as well.

Update: set to 5pm at the Rose and Raindrop.

P.S. Sorry for parachuting in to the group...I'm going to be in town to see Dries and he doesn't have time to organize anything. I have no idea on locations. On Monday night, I'm going to a Geek Dinner at the Blue Moon Tavern. Dries is staying at the Marriot Courtyard, so something vaguely in the vicinity would be good. Suggestions?


How about the Rose and Raindrop as a meeting location?

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Assuming that the hotel is the Marriot on Wasco, the Rose and Raindrop is a quick jaunt down the street --

They also have a happy hour from 4-6, so I'd propose going a little earlier than 7 (say, 4:30? 5:00?), in order to drink the same beer for less money :)

Really, though, there are a host of good pubs in Portland, and a lot of them have good happy hours. I've never gone drinking at the R and R, but I've heard good things about it.

Looking forward to meeting up with folks!



Sounds great

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I can't remember exactly why I picked 7pm :P

Well, as long as there is food there, then 5pm is fine. Let's leave it at the R&R at 5pm for now. We can get in touch when we are all in town.

Any good sushi here?

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Is there any good sushi in Portland? :-)

Pretty good sushi here

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I'm no expert, but I'm a pretty big fan of sushi and have to say there are some great options around town. Yoko's is a favorite of mine, in southeast. Saburo's also in southeast is very popular for large pieces of fish, but that's about all it's got going for it. Still good, but not great. There's usually a huge crowd and a pretty long wait to get seated there.

There are also quite a few sushi "bars", with the conveyor belt of sushi running in front of you (or a river of boats). Not always the best, but a fun experience.

I can't make the meeting myself, but have a great time!

There is some pretty good

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There is some pretty good sushi here --

Sin Ju has some great food, and is relatively close to the hotel --


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For the best sushi (ain't cheap) I suggest Masu.

they're good...

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...but i wouldn't say the best. the very good part is that they've got a great happy hour. and if we're meeting at 5pm it'd be a very happy hour.


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Found some OK sushi

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We found some OK sushi to go to last night close to the hotel at Yuki Restaurant -- we were going to go to Sin Ju, but it was really late and we couldn't get there in time for it still to be open.

We're still on for the R&R tomorrow night at 5pm...

I had a great time considering...

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It was great getting to meet up with everyone. And there's definitely something to be said for being nice and drunk when you find out your bike's been stolen, sort of takes the edge off ;) Hope to see you all again on the Yahoo! campus.

Great Time

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Just wanted to say thanks to all who were there. I had a great time. Andrew, do you have a mugshot of your bike, there are always 'for sale' bikes chained to street signs on Hawthorne. I'll keep an eye out....


Sam Keen

here's a couple

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got a few up on flickr:
Only local images are allowed.

Thanks all

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Thanks to those that came out...was fun to sit and talk about where the big "D" is headed. I loved my trip to Portland, and definitely want to make it back again some time soon.

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