Using Drupal 7 with GMap + Location for User Profile

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Evening Everyone,

I'm new to Drupal so bare with me :). I have figured out how to collect a users location details at registration and it displays nicely on the users profile But...... Now i'm trying to figure out why the map will not show up with the users marker location.

Everything works on the global node and user map shipped with Gmap but I am looking to implement just the sole users location on every profile page.

I've read this post but got lost at "2. Style: Gmap (defaults settings are okay - data source is location.module. Pick a nice marker colour.)". I've already been through the whole process of patching the Gmap module for use with UK postcodes and changed the database settings from uk to gb.

I don't want to give up now surely if you can display a link to map you can display the map?

Grateful for any guidance on the matter.


P.s attached an image for anyone to see what end result I have in my head.

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same problem here

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I am having the same problem here . Hope someone can help us out


Here is the Solution

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While adding the Map field, Do the following:
1. Set "Point (default)" in Geometry Type.
2. Under Reject Results disable this option: APPEOXIMATE:indicares that the returned result is approximate. option.
3. In Multi-value input handling - select Match Multiples (default)