Drupal 7 search hook

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We are working on site like shaadi.com and we want to implement search hook for profile. We used custom multi step form( Not CCK) and we have around 130 fields in profile section. Search form should have 2 to 15 fields. e.g.
1) search for "Country"
2) Age between 20 to 25
3)Mother Tongue etc

If I understand correctly drupal search uses two tables a)search_dataset and b)search_index
So we can't use date between or other conditions like we do in non drupal search.

I have not implemented views hook for our custom multistep form yet.

Please guide me what's best ways to achieve the extensive search


Use Views with Exposed form.

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Use Views with Exposed form.

If you are trying to create a

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If you are trying to create a replica of shaadi.com and expect a big database, trust me drupal core search is going to disappoint you and your users big time. I sincerely suggest you to go for this.

For your original ques, as you are using custom fields and not CCK, you can use custom queries to create those filters. IMO that would be fast and a better solution than views.

Solr not worked for me in D7

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I am getting below error on url http://localhost/drupal7/search/site?f[0]=language%3Aund with solrapache

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$entity_type in apachesolr_search_process_response() (line 556 of E:\xampp\htdocs\drupal7\sites\all\modules\apachesolr\apachesolr_search.module).

Any other idea ? I am not using CCK so views will also take lot of effort for search.

Mandakini Kumari

Hi, you can use apache solr

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you can use apache solr for search . you can see live example of apache solr in my site

site url http://www.hughesnetfusion.com

Your search is cool. I need

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Your search is cool. I need more help for D7 solr search

Mandakini Kumari

its cool, I'm curious to know

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its cool, I'm curious to know how did you add "experience required " custom facet?

Solr for Drupal 7

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I am trying to use solr and got documentation url(http://drupal.org/node/443986) for it but it talk about only D6 not D7

For sure solr will be the best option

Mandakini Kumari


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Yes arijit is right solr is the best option if you have heavy DB drupal search engine cant handle it and it will not provide you the option which solr can so please use solr if you have heavy DB ... even you can use solr indexing for you output of each and every result ...


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