Assistant Systems Administrator | Arapahoe Library District

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Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Administers the daily operations of the public websites, the library’s core database and transaction system called the III system, and other Library District support software.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

30% PUBLIC WEBSITE Administers the public website and integration of III by maintaining digital security, troubleshooting system problems, and maintaining the layout of the site in order to provide the public with a functional and user-friendly website. The main website is Drupal-based with hopes to move the youth websites to Drupal soon.

30% INTEGRATION Integrates the websites and III by developing functions and/or applications that allow the public websites to communicate patron requests and information to the III system.

20% III Supports the III System database by installing new releases and upgrades, creates and maintains tables and indexes, monitoring, tuning and diagnosing efficiencies, troubleshooting system problems, and maintains a recovery strategy in order to provide a efficient database for the public and staff.

20% SOFTWARE Maintains other software applications (staff intranet, etc) by implementing, updating, maintaining, and troubleshooting Library District support software in order to provide integration and ease of use for the public and staff.