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Drupaldephia!Join with other Drupalers from Philadelphia and southeast Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the Wilmington-Newark area!

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From open source hackers to themers to all-around web site developers, Drupal attracts people with a variety of interests and they're all represented in our area. Come out to an event and meet others passionate about Drupal!

Philly Drupal meetups happen about once a month on the third Tuesday. | Drupaldelphia on Twitter | Drupaldelphia on Facebook

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First Philadelphia Area Drupal Meetup - Tues Mar 6, 7:30pm

2007-03-06 17:30 - 19:30 Etc/GMT-5

Another victory for the democratic process! Looks like we have consensus on the a date and time for the first get together. I agree with quixoticlife that the first gathering should be informal, so people can get to know each other and we can discuss what we want the group to do going forward. I'm good with Barnes and Noble unless there are other suggestions.

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alright i'll break the tie for the first meetup, which night during the week.

57% (4 votes)
14% (1 vote)
29% (2 votes)
Total votes: 7
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When would you prefer to meet?

Weekend Days
50% (3 votes)
Weekend Evenings
0% (0 votes)
Weekday Evenings
50% (3 votes)
Total votes: 6
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Where should the 1st meetup take place?

Downtown Philly
25% (2 votes)
West Philly
38% (3 votes)
25% (2 votes)
Some other locale
13% (1 vote)
Total votes: 8
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Hello fellow philadelphia drupalers!

I have been meaning to do introduce myself for a little while. My name is Jamie and have been involved with drupal since i think mid novemeber. i attended the NYC Groups Drupal Camp (good stuff) and have been working to become a seasoned drupaler and to be able to use all of its capabilities. It is fascinating to me and i have become somewhat addicted to the process and the community. I wanted to try and see if any body would be interested in a meet up. My thoughts are to begin with an open discussion on what people individually are doing with drupal.

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Drupal Training for Educators

2007-01-31 08:30 - 2007-02-01 16:30 EST

Hello, all,

On January 31 and February 1, I'll be running a two day training on using Drupal in the classroom. The training will be held in Philadelphia, at Science Leadership Academy.

So, if you're around Philadelphia and want to dig into using Drupal, come on down! These sessions are geared toward end users, as opposed to developers or site admins. The emphasis will be on training educators how to use Drupal in an online class or a blended learning environment.

Click here for an overview of the session.

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