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Quiz module has grown appreciably in the recent past to have a family of modules that counts on quiz. This page tries to aggregate all the quiz affiliated module and provides an overview,

Question types

Name Description 6.x 7.x-4.x 7.x-5.x Maintainer
Cloze Provides a new question type to quiz that lets attendees to identify the correct words or type of words that belong in the deleted passages of a text (like fill in the blanks question) sivaji
Quiz Drag Drop This module allow you to add drag drop type of question in quiz module. npscode
Quiz File Upload Quiz file upload module provides a new content type to use with quiz module as a question type. It allows users to upload file as a response to quiz question. sivaji
Image Target Question A question type which allows users to identify regions of an image. johnennew
Grouping Question A question type which allows users to drag and drop terms into their related groups. johnennew
Simple MCQ Trimmed version of multichoice question type in quiz. Essentially removes the score and feedback per choice Sivaji
Mark the words This is a question type module for quiz essentially developed for learning Part of speech. Sivaji
Quiz Drag and Drop Ordering (sandbox) Question type to test if user can put items in correct order. Uses core's tabledrag for drag and drop. Multiple evaluation methods. mikran

Other modules extending Quiz functionality

Name Description Version Maintainer
Certificate Create and manage HTML based certificates in Drupal. Integration with quiz, course, token, wysiwyg, print and signup module. PDF generation using print module. 6.x, 7.x djdevin, scottrigby
Certify A module for issuing PDF certificates to users upon completion of a set of conditions. Supports quizzes from the quiz module and pageviews of book pages from the book module out of the box. 6.x, 7.x fuzzy76
Course Allows any content-type to be used as an e-learning course, containing any number of graded or ungraded course objects. 6.x, 7.x djdevin, scottrigby
Quiz Assignment Allows creators of quiz to add a quiz assignment question type. This is very usefull if uploading of a file is part of a quiz/test. 6.x borgewarvik
Quiz for Register This module allows administrators to choose a quiz for anonymous users if they want to register on the website. 6.x GDI
Quiz EI Provides functionality for importing and exporting questions and results. 6.x falcon
Quiz Progress Provides a block listing questions to navigate from one question to another within a quiz 6.x sivaji
Quiz questions Import Quiz questions import (qq_import) is a simple module, designed as an addon for quiz module. It allows user with permission 'import quiz questions' to create a bulk of quiz questions from CSV file. The import CSV file must be in format specified in examples directory. 6.x, 7.x sivaji
Quiz Reports Report module for quiz. 6.x borgewarvik
Test Yourself Test Yourself allow users to test their skills and get feedback quickly. 6.x falcon
Quiz Dependency A sandbox project which allows quiz availability to depend on a previous quiz result, in order to support different quiz chains (i.e. if fail A take quiz B, if pass A go to quiz C or if complete D go to quiz E) 7.x joel_osc
Quiz Evaluation Add an evaluation question type to the Quiz module. 7.x philipnorton42


Quiz voice answer

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Quiz voice answer module provides a new content type to use with quiz module as a question type. It allows users to record and save voice message as a response to quiz question.
Quiz voice answer


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