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I am working on a website which will include a large number (~100) of quiz questions; I need help getting data into the Quiz module. THIS IS A SMALL JOB, I can offer a minimum of 5 hours, but not likely more than 20. Please only apply if you have time available in the near future! I am in Vancouver but you can do this job remotely. Experience with the Quiz module strongly prefered.

I need help with the following tasks:

  • Moving data from one section of my Drupal application database, which contains multiple choice questions in a custom format, to the Quiz module.

  • Uploading data in CSV format to the Quiz module. (I can't get the Quiz Questions Import module to work.)

  • Ideally, taking on the problem of presenting certain questions based on the user's response to previous questions.

  • Depending on how long the above takes, I could also use some miscellaneous PHP coding to glue the various pieces of my project together.

Please send work experience -- especially any work you have done with the Quiz module! -- and your hourly rate (specify US or Canadian currency).


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