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Sponsorships for DrupalCamp can be as low as $100 and as high as you can afford. Things work best when a group, individual or company agree to take on the cost of a breakfast or lunch.

Ideally, sponsors pay the vendor directly, making it easier to account for the money. If a sponsor is unable to do so, paying by check at least a week before the event is fine.

By sponsoring this event you are helping to enable a community-centric skills and knowledge sharing event.

Events like this also help to strengthen the NYC Drupal community by fostering connections between developers as well as between developers and end-users.

Sponsorship of the event will get your logo on the main event page and displayed in the main room of the event. All sponsors will be publicly thanked the day of the event and at any meal you sponsor.

Sponsorship does not guarantee that the workshop you want to give will be scheduled and does not give you a timeslot to make presentation.

Here is the breakdown of expected expenses (Figures based on expenses of the last three drupal camps):

  • Total Goal is approx $1,500 - $3,000.00 (depending on if we print shirts and stickers)

Must have:

  • Misc. cash expenses (delivery tips, pens, ice, bags, drinks, etc.): $200 [covered by donation from OCTL and GreenMap.org]

  • Breakfast (bagels & drinks): $300 [covered by anonymous donation!]

  • Lunch: $450 [also covered by anonymous donation!]

  • name tags, signage: $15

  • fees for use of space $700 [covered partially by donation from Siruna, still needs additional sponsor]

Would be nice to have:

  • Shirts + Stickers: $1,500

  • An Open Bar/drinks (first night): $??? If you are interested in sponsoring this, let us know.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Eric



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