November Meet up???

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Hey Guys,

Are we still planning a meetup first Thursday of November? I didn't see anywhere we had an announce for it.

If so, same place, same time?




Works for me

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Thursday the 3rd right? Works for me.

Same.. Work for me. See you

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Same.. Work for me. See you guys Thursday Nov 3rd. 6:00-7:30?

We have a location?

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I'm up for it, Did Ensignavenger get a location? I'm up for the same place, worse case I guess we grab a table in a corner some where. Or I'm game for anywhere.

That time works great for me.

Guess what?

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Well, I forgot to call. October flew by, and I've been extra busy. I'll call this afternoon and see if one of the rooms are available, other wise, we can do as Tarnus suggested, and grab a table. Sorry about that, I'll try to do better in the future.

I thought I'd be able to make

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I thought I'd be able to make it tonight, but it looks like another event is going to run late so I probably won't make it this time. Sorry guys!

6:00pm or 7pm??

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Last time we met at 7PM I'll meet either time. Its up to you guys.

Since we hadn't posted a location.

Any new users are welcome to show up.

Meeting at Pasta Express
3025 W Republic Rd # 104, Springfield, MO 65807

Table in a corner if we don't have a meeting room.

I was thinking 7

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I thought we had decide on 7 at the last meeting. I did contact Pasta Express about the meeting room yesterday, but haven't heard back about whether or not it is available this evening. They wanted us to commit to a $100 min, and I just don't see that happening, so I thought we could just get a table and we could discuss what we want to do in the future tonight.

O Yeah ok 7:00PM is fine. I

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O Yeah ok 7:00PM is fine. I was confused.

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