xmas bristol drupal meet up - topic suggestions please

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we had another good meet up at the elephant yesterday evening. nice to see everyone

Personally, I learnt that responsive design doesn't have to cause the performance issues I've been having. And Commerce is complete enough to use on our next site requiring a payment solution. I should apologise for a JavaScript/Node.JS outburst to the chap from the Uni (sorry, I've got a blank on your name at the moment) who left shortly after talking to me - related? :o)

For the December meet up we discussed having a different venue and doing a few talks/skill swaps. So, what topics would anyone like to cover / be covered? Derek has already expressed an interest in a guided tour of panels and a discussion on appropriate use cases - so I'll pick that one up. What else?

And what ideas do you have for the venue? Ideally we'd need a project as a minimum requirement - maybe we could borrow a portable one, then it wouldn't matter where we go. We've always got the options of Sift's offices but I understand the preference of the group if for 'neutral territory' :o) but we've got it as a back up anyway.

Ideas and suggestions please!



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No worries Joe - my hasty departure was totally unconnected to your enthusiasm for nodejs. I'm still keen to take a look at it sometime :)


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I wouldn't mind getting a run down of Drupal commerce from someone. Rupert, did you do or one of your colleagues to a talk on this recently?

We've done a fair amount of

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We've done a fair amount of work with Drupal Commerce over the last few weeks. I'd be happy to come and give a talk/skillswap type thing on it if there's interest :)

Golden Guinea

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The Golden Guinea (near the Redcliffe church) have a downstairs room which has hosted PHPSW before. I believe they may also provide a projector.
Oh, and most importantly, there's beer ;-)

Marcus Deglos
Founder / Technical Architect @ Techito.


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thanks Rupert. I'd find that really useful.

and good point Marcus - I've spent many a late night in the guinea but didn't realise they had the facilities. Anyone like the sound of that? The chap who runs it is cool, but maybe not central enough for some?