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Integrated Meta Tags

There is an issue asking about duplication over at #228768. It does not appear to be a duplicate in that it uses a different methodology to generate the tags.


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For Drupal 6

Meta tags

Meta tags implementation based on Token.
Meta tags currently provides tags only on nodes (front page, users, taxonomy term, node). However, other modules have been created to extend its functionality.
Drupal core: 7.x
Development status: Actively developed
Supported tags: Canonical URL, Copyright, Description, Generator, Keywords, Open Graph Protocol, Publisher URL, Robots, Shortlink URL, Title

Meta tags quick

Meta tags implementation based on Fields API
Every meta tag (keywords, description, copyright) is treated as a separate field. Meta tag fields are then attached to registered entities (content types, taxonomy vocabularies), and appear in the entity edit form. Pages that do not represent any entity (default front page, views etc.), are served using artificial entity 'path-based meta tags'.
Meta tags quick does not support Token, so fields here will accept tokens.
Drupal core: 7.x
Stable version: 7.x-2.7
Development status: Actively developed
Supported tags: abstract, copyright, description, keywords, revisit_after, robots
Mechanism to extend supported tags: Fields API
Supported pages: All non-administrative pages
Upgrade path: Import of nodewords data (only tags listed above)
Global defaults: No
Default values: Limited (using Fields API interface)
Token support: Yes
SimpleTest: No

Simple meta module

Drupal core: 7.x, 6.x
Development status: Under Active development

Page Title module

Drupal core: 7.x, 6.x
Development status: Under active development


Hi, Shouldn't the sandbox

Summit's picture

Shouldn't the sandbox project Beanstag not be included for Drupal 7:



kingfisher64's picture

Thanks for posting that, the mod looks brilliant. Not seen it mentioned anywhere else.

Further info can be found on

Context Metatags

Metatags for profile2 profiles

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Is there a module that can set metatags with tokens for profile2 profiles?

The module Metatags works for Users which does change the profile metatags but not the various profile types a site could have using the Profile2 module, hence, all profiles have the same metatags.

Another way to solve this is if metadata was available to the rules module. Is there a module to do that?

I wonder if beanstag could

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I wonder if beanstag could help you.

You can set meta data base on the url. since different user profiles has different url, you can set it one by one.

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