Drupal Coworking Friday Host FAQ

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This is my initial thoughts on hosting a Drupal Coworking Friday event in your city. Please feel free to update it with your notes and thoughts. This is not a centralized movement so feel free to ignore any of the following :) The wiki page is here to help bring consistency to the event, not force you to do it a certain way.

Q: When?
A: Last Friday of each month. If for some reason Friday doesn't work for your local city please try to keep it around the last Friday of the month. The goal of having it on the same date is to provide familiarity for traveling Drupalists.

Q: Where?
A: Your local city coworking space. (here is a list of known coworking spaces)

Q: Can I start up my own coworking event?
A: Yes, please do. Anybody is welcome to start one, there is no application process etc. You could be a Drupal Rockstar or just somebody starting out in Drupal.

Q: Does it cost money to start up a Drupal Coworking Friday event?
A: That really depends on your coworking space. Some may charge, some may not.

Q: Can I get a sponsor to pay for the Drupal Coworking event?
A: You are more than welcome to get a sponsor to cover the cost of the coworking space for that day. I would only ask that the sponsor not place stipulations or requirements on attendees.

Q: There is a coworking event in the next city. Can I start my own and take some of the coworkers?
A: Its all about ease and demand. Please check with your neighboring cities hosts to see if there is enough demand to start up another space. Coworking just doesn't make sense if only one person shows up.

Q: Who are these events aimed at?
A: It is focused on Drupal Professionals (freelance, full time, part time, in office, home, etc). Anybody is welcome but please note that this is not anything like a DrupalCamp, DrupalCon or even a Drupal User Group. It is not a place for people to go to (only) learn.

Q: What should go on at the event?
A: Attendees should do their normal daily work, be it designing, developing, managing etc.

Q: Can this be used as a code sprint?
A: Generally, no.

Q: Do I need to bring anything as the host?
A: I would recommend a cell phone and some type of computer to work on. (Keep in mind that some coworking spaces have policies around phone use in common areas.)

Q: As a host do I need to pay for the attendees?
A: Nope, if your coworking space allows it you can have the attendees pay for their own fees.

Q: Can somebody give a presentation at the event?
A: Its entirely up to you. Generally the coworking event isn't for presentations and there are more than enough Drupal related events that allow for presentations.


sorry wrong place!

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sorry wrong place!

central calendar/listing?

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I see that this is a list of co-working spaces, but is there a place to list your Coworking Friday event/location/time/costs/etc.? Would be great if there was, especially for the traveling Drupalistas you mention... :)

How about a map? A visual of locations would also help to convey where there are needs for events.