Drupal Chengdu January Meetup

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2012-01-11 20:30 - 23:30 Asia/Shanghai
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User group meeting

This is the place to discuss Drupal and drink beer.

New locations -- http://www.legandwhistle.com/

Conversations are in Chinese 中文, English and any other language that finds its way into our multi-cultural group!

The discussions are not limited to Drupal Core and include such topics as theming, recent news and events, java, unix servers, vpns and anything else the attendees want to discuss.

The forum is very open with normally no set agenda or program. We jus site and discuss.

New Location: http://www.legandwhistle.com/

Chengdu's only pub for football
Ke Hua Jie, Chuan da hua yuan (2f)
tel: 028 85460114, 18980986112
电话: 028 85460114, 18980986112


Change of venue

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Dave's is closed until after the spring festival so we need to change the venue. ideas?


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We had a thread about this ages ago but can't remember what the other suggestions were now. I'm easy as long as it has beer. Wifi and power optional ;)


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We talked about it here http://groups.drupal.org/node/170099

I suggest we move the venue to either the "leg and whistle" or "book worm".

My vote is leg and whistle, I know the guy that made they webpage - not drupal but not bad!

Leg and Whistle

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The Leg gets my vote as well.

Agree, great design. Probably a better tool for the job than Drupal actually. The client needs to actually remember to keep it up to date though...


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I'm absent last time.

To Confirm - Todays Meetup Has moved