Tool recommendations for documentation page editing?

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I was tweeting @drupaldocs yesterday, which is now leading to me posting here. Observe:

Me: @drupaldocs Can you recommend any tools/browser plugins/etc. for quicker/easier editing of docs? Maybe outliners, and so on? #drupal
@poplarware: @wizonesolutions @drupaldocs I don't know of any... maybe another Docs contributor does -- you could post on our g.d.o group with more info?

So here I am!

Basically, editing large amounts of text without syntax highlighting and draft-saving is kind of awkward. What I've been doing so far is just pasting it into Vim. I also have Lazarus for Chrome, which I guess counts as draft-saving.

But I just thought, "Does everyone edit documentation this way? There must be something more efficient." I guess at this point I can only imagine that an outlining tool (e.g. something that reads the HTML heading tags) could be useful. But other than that, not experienced enough to know what I'm looking for.


Has been discussed in the past...

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I thought this was posted a while back -- did you delete the old post and start over or something?

Anyway, I found this somewhat old page where someone collected ideas on documentation tools:

See also....

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There is an old issue discussing this here: