trouble with g2 image chooser in drupal 6.x with config.php

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in reference to your post

I'm in trouble with the integration of g2image chooser

particularly I've followed instruction installing gallery2 and embedding g2 image chooser. however I had to upload several libraries and modules

particularly as below
1. .../sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/plugins/g2image ---> config1.php
2. .../sites/all/modules/gallery/gallery_g2image/g2image ---> config2.php
3. .../sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/g2image --->
4. ../gallery2 ---> config4.php

where I see config2.php = config3.php looks automatically updated and config1.php different by config4.php

config1.php is different and I guess the WRONG setup of this file might cause that when I CLICK on g2 button Icon I have :

Fatal Gallery2 Error: Cannot activate the Gallery2 Embedded functions.
For WordPress users, Validate WPG2 in the Options Admin panel.
For other platforms, please verify your Gallery2 path in config.php.

MY QUESTION IS : which configX.php? I have four of them.

However looking at the error page on g2 click I see following path


so I do not know which one has to be updated with the reccomandation at the following link

if you can advise

Gallery2 Integration

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