D8 Mobile Initiative IRC Meeting #3

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2012-02-16 19:00 - 20:00 UTC
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Please join us for our third IRC meeting to discuss issues related to the Drupal 8 mobile initiative. The meeting will be held in #drupal-mobile on IRC at 19:00 UTC on Thursday, February 16. Using IRC is easy; Drupal.org provides a guide to using IRC.

Thursday, February 16:
San Francisco — 11am
New York — 2pm
London — 7pm
Taipei — 3am (Friday)
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As a reminder, the scope of the D8 Mobile Initiative includes:
- Mobile-friendly Drupal admin
- Responsive design issues
- Front-end performance
- Converting existing D8 themes to be responsive

The agenda will be driven by the questions and suggestions given by attendees.

Please post your proposed discussion topics in the comments.


Mobile sprint

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I'm interested to see what people think about a mobile sprint just before Drupalcon Denver. And also before or after the Frontend United conference in Amsterdam in April.

  - John (JohnAlbin)


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I'd love do a mobile sprint before/during Denver! I'll have to bow out if it's during pre-conference training.


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Maybe Sunday and Monday then?

  - John (JohnAlbin)

I am so down with that!

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I am so down with that! Having to stay on the Friday after was going to mess up my flight back.

More than likely I'll be in Amsterdam so I'll be happy to run a sprint there John.

Happy to help

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I have to leave early on Friday, but I'd be happy to help during the week.

Software Engineer @ The Nerdery


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I'm glad you were there for as long as you were! :-)

We're having office hours every Sunday from now until code freeze. I'm going to write a follow-up post about that right now.

  - John (JohnAlbin)

John, this node is published

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John, this node is published in the core group, which is announcement only. Please remove it from there or close comments because everyone subscribed to the core group might get an email for every comment, depending on her notification settings. Thanks!


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Talked to greggles about this. Sorry about that! I won't post meetings into Core anymore. :-)

  - John (JohnAlbin)