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USA Football is in search of a Drupal guru. If you dream about templates, the hook API, and CCK, this is the job for you. We're looking for someone who excels at Drupal module development, database design, CMS configuration, and template development. Since we code in a variety of languages and platforms, you should be flexible and have strong CS fundamentals. You should be proactive, able to work independently, and a self-starter.

This full-time position offers great benefits, a fun, capable, curious team, and the ability to grow into new technologies and experiment. Telecommuting is allowed, but we prefer NC-based candidates that can drive out to meet us every month or two.

Responsibilities include:

* Drupal module development
* Administrative creation of Drupal views, taxonomies, and CCK
* Drupal template development
* Drupal deployment automation
* Scaling an enterprise application across mutliple servers and services

* Working with stakeholders to gather requirements for new feature development

* Developing and maintaining new features with the Rails and Cake frameworks
* Applying design patterns where appropriate in line with principles such as single responsibility, open/closed, cohesion, and substitution

* Writing unit tests

Qualifications and Requirements:

* Experience configuring and extending Drupal deployments
* OO design skills
* PHP fluency

* Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript with an emphasis on RIA development with Ajax
* Basic RDBMS schema design and maintenance
* Work with and respond to non-technical stakeholders

* Detailed-oriented and organized

* Strong communications skills

North Carolina

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