March Meetup

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2012-03-21 06:30 - 09:00 America/New_York

Time to plan our next meetup!

I'm thinking March 21 unless anyone has any serious problems with that date. Again, since it seems it worked pretty well and is relatively central, Kernersville Library seems like the right place again, I'll call them first thing next week if no one has any objections or other recommendations.

As far as items for discussion, I really think Jonathan's presentation of Panels was really awesome. In particular, the idea of going over really important, commonly-used modules, and making sure everyone knows the basics of the module, seems like a really good idea. Anyone have any specific ideas on this?


March 21 works for me

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March 21 works for me, and Kernersville Library is fine, too.

I thought that Jonathan's presentation was fantastic, and frankly showed us a high level of preparation that will be hard to match every month. I appreciated the time he put into setting up a demo site and even allowing us to long in along side him if we wanted to. Based on what he showed us, I'm going to begin re-designing my site with Panels with a goal to be live with it by Summer.

For the next meeting topic, I don't think I have anything ready that would work. As I get deeper into customizing dashboards, maybe I could talk about that in a couple months.

Well, I've reserved the room

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Well, I've reserved the room for March 21, but I'm actually not sure I can make it - a festival I'm helping plan in Winston is having their final meetup that evening. I'll see what I can figure out, but this has turned into a bit of a last minute thing that I'm probably going to have to attend.

Could someone give me a ride?

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I broke a bone in my left hand this weekend -- which makes driving difficult. Would someone be willing to give me a ride to the meeting?

Site builder, writer, trainer, graphic designer

I could drive you to the meeting

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Katrina, I could drive you to the meeting. Feel free to discuss the details by email, morgan.ben at, or private msg.

Should we keep the meeting on the schedule?

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I only see 3 people signed up for the meeting and I am not sure we have an Agenda for training.

Is there anyone who would like to present a topic?


Fixing themes or replacing them

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I've been trying to fix a theme that was hard coded to put a lizard at the top.
-- I Don't Want No Lizard! :-)

What to do?

I consider myself a newbie, I've only read one book and put up only a site or two.
I'm still learning how to do basic things.

I'm sure there are people like me who want to learn Drupal, but get flustered when *** happens.
Where do we go when we're in trouble and searches for solutions don't work?

This would be an easy topic for you guys who have learned more.
Of course, everyone says you learn by struggling, but that's a sad way to have to learn, plus it puts people off of diving into Drupal...

Do you want any logo at the top that is not ---

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A Lizard (or just blank)?

It's a logo location.

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It's a logo location, but I don't want it (or the box).
If I go into appearance for the theme, (a custom theme and Drupal stack (OpenOutreach) I can check whether I want a 1) logo 2) site name 3) site slogan
(they are all unchecked)

But the lizard stays there anyway.
And so does the box it's in.

This might work....

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Instead of putting your ppm_header.jpg image in a block - go back and check the option 1) logo and insert your ppm_header as the logo. That would probably center that image a little better than the block also.


Lizard Logo

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Tried that. It just makes the nice large banner the size of the lizard.

Try the Open Outreach Page

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On the Open Outreach project page there is a place to log issues; I didn't see any open issues or bugs reports for what you are experiencing, but you could be the first.

The Lizard

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I wrote the developers of the stack and theme. They did not want to support it.
I don't know if the theme is broken or what may be wrong.

I think maybe a good meeting idea would be how to use the Omega theme and how to have more control over the development when something like this comes up.


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Have you ever used CSS Injector? It's a module that lets you define CSS through the interface. This can be a quick and easy way to fix issues like that.
In the CSS injector, you would just want to put in:

div#logo { display: none; }

For a more 'permanent' solution, just make a backup of your 'page.tpl.php' file somewhere, and then remove the "

print $logo;
" statement.

CSS Injector

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Changing the page.tpl.php of the theme does make it more difficult to maintain for updates. CSS injector would probably be the best way to go.

It worked, Yay!

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This was a brilliant solution. Ben also helped with some CSS code.

header-site-info {

display:none !important;


block-block-1 div.gutter {

margin: 0 !important;


It got rid of the faulty header block and also aligned the logo with the rest of the site by taking out the margin that was causing the trouble.

Thanks to all if you. Ray also had some great ideas, but I would have had to alter the profile and when that got updated, I would be in trouble again.

This CSS Injector was nice and elegant. I'll also look into SWeaver in the future. It looks like it can do similar jobs.

Thanks again to everybody.

As I mentioned in a previous

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I unfortunately won't be able to make it this time - I'm staying late every night this week to prepare for a festival my company is a part of. Hope it goes well!


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