Code Development: A Drupal Learning Track

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Overview: Learn the latest techniques in site development. / simpletests, coding practices, scalability, deployment and so on.
Audience: hobbyist, consultant, web developer


  • Create a foundation for development and deployment of Drupal sites
  • Rapidly create a site with a Drupal specific workflow
  • Build sites without coding
  • Use Drupal as a platform

Recommended session and lesson topics

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Infrastructure (Nuts and bolts of code, servers, databases, etc.):

  • Build environment and version control environment. (taken as a configuration management and not develop task (i.e. after-process hooks rather than how to use SVN)
  • Provisioning (not part of development work flow, but rather its pre-requisite)
  • Development environment (as environment for all the developers of a project and how that ties in to configuration management)
  • Non-functional planning (constraints, etc.)
  • Scaling Drupal, performance and scalability (server/database optimization and distribution)
  • Virtual servers and virtual services ec2, s3 Drupal and *AMP, a systems level view

Development Workflow (Getting from code to production):

  • Development environment (including USE of version control and build env.)
  • Quality Assurance (following/implementing process, procedures, standards)
  • Testing (unit testing, black and white box testing itself).
  • Security

Site Implementation (How requirements can be implemented without coding):

  • Internationalization
  • Contributed modules: Best of overview
  • Editorial work flow
  • Drupal distributions

Extending Drupal (Using Drupal as a platform):

  • 3rd party apps
  • External data

Projects, Tasks and Initiatives

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Program Leads


Help in creating modules

n_nelson350's picture

I am new to this concept of drupal. I am currently working on drupal 6.14 and need a help regarding the tem "hook" in this concept.

S. Nelson
Career Reckoner Pvt. Ltd

If you want to learn how to

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If you want to learn how to create modules, you should buy a book (or 2). VanDyk's Pro Drupal Development, 2nd ed., from Apress is a good choice. There's also Butcher's Learning Drupal 6 Module Development from Packt Publishing. I've learned some Good Stuff from that.

Both books are for people who already know how to program in PHP.


Kieran Mathieson

In a nutshell

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A hook is a function callback. You register you function callback by creating a function _, Drupal takes care of the rest.

Hooks allow you to change the behavior of Drupal core and other modules.

Look at this page
If you want to modify access restrictions (hook_access is the 5th from the top) and your module is called example.module then you create a function example_access($op, $node, $account)

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