Daily Times Nigeria re-launches website in OP2 (D6)

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While there has been a lot of discussion about OP in D6 & D7, I believe you can still do a lot with OP2 (D6).

When faced with the task of redesigning the DailyTimesNG website, the "no upgrade path from OP2 to OP3" reluctantly and grudgingly made us decide to stick to OP2 (D6).

Four weeks of theming & tweaking & here is the result. Depending on when you visit this post the new DailyTimesNG version 2.0 website will either reside at http://sandbox.dailytimes.com.ng (beta, being developed & tested) or http://dailytimes.com.ng.

For my next brand new project, OP3 (D7) will definitely be the starting point.

Aniedi Udo-Obong
Lead (Sole) Developer