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Our company has an overflowing pipeline of drupal work, and we're looking to hire someone with decent HTML/CSS skills who'd love to get payed learning PHP/Drupal/Javascript development. Compensation will be industry rate, not intern rates, of course.

Your responsibilities will be to:
1. Implement CSS/HTML designs, and be able to understand what part of a blog entry "$title", and "$content" might refer to.
2. Gradually learn jQuery/PHP/MySQL development so we can pay you more for your work [ or someone else can, for that matter ].
3. Have a good sense of when you should be able to answers questions yourself, and when you should ask me to help you get over a roadblock[1]. I'll work hard to make sure you are only given tasks which are within your skill set.

The "perfect candidate"[2] will:
+ Be able to look at a PNG and make HTML and CSS look like it. We will not design anything in ways that make this task difficult. Pay range is somewhere between $25-35 an hour [based on experience]. You'll almost certainly need to live in Austin, TX.

  • be obsessed with expanding their webdev skills beyond HTML/CSS. This is perhaps the most important quality I'm looking for.
  • Not need a full time job, but wants a contract job that actually pays them by the hour for once. Anywhere bteween 10-20 hours a week is fine for now. You could very well be offered a full time job if you work out. In the beginning, you'll need to be able to work at our office whenever we need you&you're available Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. This is only required at the start of your work with us. The main reason is that if you haven't done this for very long, I don't want you estimating hours, and then creating a living hell for yourself/burning way too many hours on something that could have been done in much less time.
  • Legally speaking, we will not discriminate against humorless/overly-uppity/sardonic people per federal law. There's nothing to read in between those lines.

Irregardless of whether you are a "perfect candidate", if you feel like this might be a good fit for you feel free to contact me.

Please include the following in a message to me at either http://www.nicklewis.org/contact or my contact form http://groups.drupal.org/user/252:
1. A friendly short message that introduces yourself in whatever way you think fitting. [Candidates that use any strict formats taught by business schools will be immediately disqualified.].
2. A few links to websites which you have coded in HTML and CSS.
3. Anything else you think is important.

IMPORTANT: If you used dreamweaver, or any other tool where a desktop program generated the code, I'll know... ...so don't bother. Semi-flawed CSS/HTML is fine, so long as it isn't obviously created by dreamweaver -- GUI created HTML/CSS makes me want to set buildings on fire.

You'll hear back from me within a week if I'm interested in following up with you.

1. What I don't want is someone who bugs me everytime a CSS float is being silly -- at the same time, I'd rather you ask me then spend 20 minutes figuring it out.
2. If you're outside of the USA, shooting me a note will be considered "messing with Texas".


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