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Acquia is looking for a developer to build a breakthrough business applications. If you love building things that make people’s lives better; if you have created back-end system management tools that are both functional and sexy; if if you are passionate about smoothly functioning systems that practically hum as they sling data, then this is the job for you.

We’re building an enterprise-level integration between our Drupal sites, internal tools, and third party software that we use to manage our business and we want your help. This is going to be a banner implementation of how to build internal systems that make an enterprise work, and something we’re going to showcase to the world.

This is what we're looking for in a great candidate:

Integrated a CMS with a CRM
Used SOAP, XMLRPC, REST, etc… to do cross-system integrations
Built Drupal sites that have powered front-end and back-end systems
Used things other than Drupal to build sites, such as MVC frameworks
Have a firm grasp of javascript and jquery (don’t need to be an expert, just need to know what to look for on google)
Really want to make awesome stuff

If you have a code sample that you’re proud of that implements API calls, we'd love to see it.


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