Rules Module extension and perfection (a.k.a. Rules monkey)

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Project information

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Student: Klaus Purer (klausi on d.o, klausi on g.d.o)
Mentor: Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)
Co-mentor: Jakob Petsovits (jpetso)
Local mentor: Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)

Current status: Coding and Finishing up


The Rules module is designed to support actions that are executed depending on events and conditions (ECA rules) in Drupal. This proposal is about extending and enhancing Rules module with new features and ideas.
original public discussion with full application:



I will use this tag to flag related issues and posts: gsoc:rulemonkey issues posts

Project schedule

Like most other students from europe I will have to schedule more work in July and August, because our summer holidays start at the end of June. All work will be done in cooperation with the comunity by using the Rules issue queue.

  • May 23 - June 14: Community Bonding Period
    • Email my Student Foreign Certification and Proof of Enrollment to Google: done.
    • Obtain CVS account on done.
    • Create d.o project: done,
    • Think and talk about the technical implementation of the targeted ideas: done.
    • IRC/VoIP meeting with mentors: done.
    • Refine scope and timeline: done.
    • Work on scheduled jobs system
  • June 14 - July 5: Rules scheduler improvements
    • Posting patches in this issue:
    • Listing all scheduled tasks with Views: done.
    • Adding a user provided identifier to each task: done.
    • Deleting scheduled tasks from the scheduling list: done.
    • Providing a Rules action to delete scheduled tasks by identifier or rule set name: done.
    • Manual scheduling of tasks: done.
  • July 5 - July 12
  • July 12 - July 19
  • July 19 - July 26:
    • Implement form support
  • July 26 - August 2:
    • Finish form support and post patch(es): done.
    • Audit and Reassemble the user interface: done.
    • Collect and fix usability issues in Rules: done.
    • Unify the terminology used in Rules to make it more clear: done.
  • August 2 - August 9:
  • August 9 - August 16:
    • Work on the Features module integration:
    • Polish Rules Forms module: done.
    • test Code; review Code; review Documentation; review community comments: done.
    • Fill out final evaluation for Google: done.