One DrupalCon ticket available free!

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I hope everyone with any connection to Drupal within throwing distance of Denver has found there way to DrupalCon already, but for anyone who has not — and i remember when DrupalCon came to Boston, it cost a lot less but was still a bit of a decision to go to my first DrupalCon — and for anyone who has contributed in any way (helping others in IRC, making a theme or module, documenting stuff) here's a free ticket, enquire within.

(Would especially love for someone interested in helping out with the Snowball project for coordinating and crowdfunding Drupal initiatives, which is in its last hours of fundraising, but again, anyone who has been getting into Drupal-- you should be at DrupalCon!)



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Just inquired.

Ticket still available!

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Unfortunately MizAkita could not make it, so this ticket would still like to be put to good use!

benjamin, agaric

I would love to acquire a

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I would love to acquire a ticket if possible. Our startup company (who works heavily in drupal) would love to send someone but we are very tight on cash right now.

Let me know,


Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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