How do I select a Drupal theme?

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How do I select a Drupal theme? I just started my first Drupal web site ( I understand that there are 289 Drupal themes.

I'm not sure what exactly makes one theme more suitable than another for various tasks. That said, I see that one criterion I should aim for is maximum compatibility with different browsers.

Since I'm new to Drupal, I assume I should stick to something that's user-friendly, has been around for some time, and is widely used and supported. (That's the logic behind why I recommend Linux Mint for first-time Linux users.)


Mobile friendly?

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If you want a clean mobile-friendly theme that's not too expensive, try For fancier themes, check out The site is okay for looking through free themes. But, if you have the money, then a "premium" (non-free) theme is a good way to go.

[update] I just looked at and they don't have any Drupal 7 themes...


install a few and try customizing their css

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Install a few themes and then try to customize their css.

It isn't necessary to use a them exactly as it was created.

Some themes have a UI for customizing the colors that doesn't require changing css.

With a 7.x theme, there is a .info file to which a custom.css can be added to modify aspects of the css further.

For example, I am using a highly transformed version of "corporate clean".

My version is very changed with just custom colors and some CSS changes in a custom.css.

There is a lot to consider, more than I can cover in a single post.

Learn about views, blocs, taxonomy too.

With views, all your pages can be constructed dynamically, with even the general content being made of views in blocs placed into the center content area of each page.

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