Drupal Media Products, Profiles and Distributions

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Products, profiles, and distributions pertaining to Drupal media. Many of these have shared needs for features, documentation, and qualified talent to do the much needed work.

With MediaMosa you can build a state-of-the-art, scalable Middleware Media Distribution Platform in Drupal which facilitates access to, and usage of (shared) storage capacity, metadata databases, transcoding- and streaming servers. A MediaMosa platform offers functionality for searching, playing, uploading, transcoding, as well as a fine granularity media access control system towards its users.

Music distribution for Drupal
The goal is to create a Drupal distribution tailored to the needs of musicians, record labels, and related communities.

Sponsored by National Public Radio and designed to be used by their affiliat stations, the NPR package of 6 modules allows stations with Drupal websites to import and export nodes to and from the NPR content ecosystem, including apps like NPR One, by connecting to the NPR API.

Open Media Project
The primary goal of this Knight sponsored project is to leverage Drupal to give local communities more control over their public access channel. The system is built on several existing modules and custom modules developed to meet the workflow needs of a public access station.

Open Publish
OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of the popular open source social publishing platform, Drupal, that has been tailored to the needs of today's online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlets sites including magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications.

Radio Engage
The primary goal of this Knight sponsored project is to create a turnkey web site for radio news organizations. This content management and publishing system will address the needs of radio news sites, such as creating and archiving audio and text, producing podcasts and playlists and streaming live audio and video. KUSP, a public radio station on California’s Central Coast, will test the project.

Videola is an enterprise-level video management system and video delivery platform. It allows you to create paid-access or free-access video websites which can serve video to the desktop, mobile, or television-based devices. Create your own Netflix On-Demand style (subscription), Hulu style (ad supported), or Blockbuster / Amazon style (rental) streaming video websites with your own video content.

This Knight sponsored project targets community media, and seeks to lower the barrier to entry for communities looking to collaborate with other like-minded groups via the web. One of the uses for our work will be within journalism, but other uses include collaborative creation of open courseware.


Ongoing media development and collaboration

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There's been a good of discussion regarding how to unify some of the media related efforts to increase collaboration, identify common needs, and pool resources on an ongoing basis. I think the combination of sprints and sessions on a regional level would be an effective way to produce great code, but also identify needs (talent, training, funding, etc.) and opportunities (sponsorships, clients, partners) on a local level.

In terms of a format, I think the building blocks are in the ongoing Media sprint and Open Media Camp. We just need to take a big picture look at how all these efforts relate and how to coordinate collaboration on a global/virtual and local level. A key role in all this would be chief project manager/cat herder. Being that many of these projects are currently (or could be) funded, there should be a way to compensate.

Would be great to hear some thoughts and ideas from stakeholders in the projects.

Gus Austin
PepperAlley Productions

Gus Austin

Radio Engage, Open Media Project, and others...

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Looping in this discussion on how these and other related projects would benefit from collaboration in a wide range of areas from development, documentation, training, funding/fundraising, marketing, promotion, business, hosting, sales, and services.

A great deal of this can be done by interfacing with our home grown project learning program (Drupal Kata) and the Drupal training/collaboration space (Drupal Dojo) on a global/virtual and local level.

The 'open' nature of these projects should give us a great deal of flexibility and opportunities for synergy.

Gus Austin
PepperAlley Productions

Gus Austin

Kendra Hub and Music distribution for Drupal

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Looping in two projects that probably have 90% overlap and are currently not tied to one particular client, sponsor, or initiative (Knight, Google, etc.). Furthermore, there is a great deal of compliment to projects like Open Media and Radio Engage...not only in the tech sense, but also as tools that empower citizens and producers.

Without easy to use, powerful, affordable tools for producers (musicians, filmmakers, photographers, writers, etc.), the content distributed over the networks (public or commercial) is going to be largely generated by those who can afford, know how to use, are aware of the tech.

Gus Austin
PepperAlley Productions

Gus Austin

Thanks for this great resource

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Last year, I was checking modules daily for beta & rc's that I could use to roll my own D6 media site. CCK and Views weren't even ready, modules were buggy, and it was a huge effort to get everything working in a very beta format. It's great to see how far multimedia projects have come.

Great projects to build upon

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Updated to reflect the latest innovation in Drupal Media. A majority of these projects are fully funded and are/will be freely available as a installation profile. While there is 'some' collaboration between these projects, development is largely independent. After we relaunch the Drupal Dojo, the Drupal Kata (our homegrown project learning program) will be focusing these efforts to look for points of overlap, seek out and train new talent, and create new open source tools and solutions derived from the existing open source code. Join us here to participate, observe, or support this ongoing effort:

Gus Austin


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Great info.



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nice work Gus. Liking it. Large.


Just added the MediaMosa

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Just added the MediaMosa video distribution project to the overview. See http://www.mediamosa.org/
This project is in use in the Netherlands as national education video distribution platform, as well as some other projects (Belgian cultural institutions, police).

Updated/refocused the wiki

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I updated the wiki and took out modules and projects that seem abandoned. While a majority of these are currently or soon to be available, a few projects remain in a perpetual state of development/debate even though there are a lot of for-client examples in the wild.

Gus Austin

add VoIP too in my view it

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add VoIP too

in my view it makes sense to look to make a Media ecology for Open Publish, Media Mosa, VoIP ...