Comparison of Newsletter / External E-Mail Campaign Integration Modules

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Newsletters inside Drupal

Newsletters outside Drupal

Mailman Party

Deprecated/abandoned modules:


One more to add

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Also see Email Marketing Framework ( This module supports Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Interspire E-mail Marketer and Addemar. Sounds like a great candidate to consolidate many of the external mailing lists to one, letting emf handle the common elements.

This is a wiki page. For the

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This is a wiki page. For the benefit of readability, please edit the node yourself instead of just posting a comment. Cheers.


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Don't forget PHPlist

spgd01's picture is another email marketing script outside of drupal with drupal integration.

Drupal 7

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Does anyone know a good, easy and relatively stable newsletter system for Drupal 7.

Which is the module used by

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Which is the module used by to manage the newsletter subscription.

Added the MailUp Drupal Newsletter Module

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Hi guys, I've added the MailUp newsletter module to the list. It was developed by MailUp - an email marketing provider - in partnership with Commerce Guys in Oct 2014. The module is for Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce.

If you're interested, check it out on Any feedback is welcome, ...and, hey, it might be the newsletter module you were looking for Drupal :)