Big thank you, PDX Drupallers

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Hi folks,

Coming back from DrupalCon feeling all shiny. I wanted to reach out and give a big thank you to all of you for being such a great community. I'm really proud of PDX's showing at the Con this year. You all are great.

Keep it up,


Come to the Lab. I'm here and

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Come to the Lab. I'm here and there's a distinct lack of Sean.

Did you mean Brewpal @Lucky

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Did you mean Brewpal @Lucky Lab? Did people will still be there after 6pm? I should be able to come but only after 6:30.'t+know+it...

Philippe Blanc

President and founder of VisualFox LLc
Founder of OYOAHA which helped to organize the first Drupal Con in Portland
President and founder of the short lived Blacktonic A

We'll be at Brewpal at Lucky

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We'll be at Brewpal at Lucky Lab until at least 9ish. See you there!