Marinelli theme: Sidebars rearrangement

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Hi all, i am a newbie to Drupal. Currently i am using drupal7 and i too wanted to know the procedure to rearrange the sidebar to left of my content, Can someone please help me out!!!

Thanks in advance!



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Do you want to re-order the content in that sidebar? This can be done in the Block admin interface, by navigating to Structure -> Blocks when logged in as an admin.

If I misunderstood your question, it might be easier to explain this further to someone on IRC, since you can go back and forth a little more easily. There's info on connecting to IRC here:

content in the middle

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If you mean to get your content to the right or the middle, go to appearance, then marinelli settings.
Click on layout settings and select content in the middle or content on the right. Then save.

You have to have blocks in a sidebar for it to appear


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