Drupal Meetup for April 2012

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2012-04-13 06:30 - 09:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Note: Bring your colleagues, friends whoever interested in Drupal. We would like to see more people.
When?: April 13th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM Friday Night
Where?: Union College 807 Union St. Schenectady, NY 12308. Room #128 in the Peter Irving Wold building (located near the Library and Olin buildings). The room is on the same level as the Atrium/Starbucks - floor 1 (floor # start at 0)
Parking (I would park in a lot designated "all" or "faculty, staff visitors"): http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=1181978893686004...

Building: http://www.union.edu/wold/
Virtual Toor: http://www.union.edu/admissions/tour/index.html

Map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hq=http://maps.google.com/help/maps/tour/...

Final list will be given to the venue at 10pm on April 12th (the evening before the meetup)

Plans? - Pls share your knowledge with 5 min talk to 20 min Presentation.


New feature. Have a topic you can present in 5 minutes (with 5 more minutes for questions)? The basic idea is there are patterns for developing sites the "drupal" way ("what would drupal do? etc."). Tell us a quick 5 minute recipe for how to put the Drupal "bricks" together. Theming techniques or other things may also be appropriate. Propose it below. Make sure you mention it is for the "lightning round" otherwise it might get confused with a longer presentation.

1) Feeds Module - mbouchard58

20-30 Min Talks

Have a topic that needs more then 5 minutes, we have slots of 20 minute talks. The basic idea is there are broader subjects or more detailed discussions this is the type of talk you would want to signup for, please mention 20 min talk when posting your talk description and the audience you expect to speak to.

1)960 Grid, Less & Bootstrapper - njmahesh
2)Multisite configurations - patrickavella
3)Building Conference sites with COD - topazz


Guys, I see only 2 people

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I see only 2 people (including me) signed up for the meetup this week which is not a good sign, also I don't see any one presenting for 5 min talk or 20 min slide. We can't run the meetup's like this, I know everyone is extremely busy with their work and personal life, its also important to support open source community and share our knowledge. We should have min 5 people to run the meetup, if I don't see it then I will have to cancel the meetup for this month.



Feeds Module

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I'd be happy to present the Feeds Module in the lightning format.

Access denied

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Hi Mahesh,

I just tried to register but am getting "Access Denied" I am logged into d.o What am I missing? (I suppose if I'm not smart enough to register, I shouldn't be allowed at the meet-up! ;-)


Same Error

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I got the same error at first, had to go back to the event via the "Groups Home Page" and follow to the event link, than I and was able to signup...

That worked!

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I've been holding out on

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I've been holding out on offering to talk about anything because I'm hoping others will step up.

It sounds like we'll have at least five.
You, me, MBouchard, Leslie, my coworker Matt, possibley my buddy John, and Topazzz.

Put me down, in the lightning round, for:
SEO with Drupal
Multisite Configuration

I'm sure I could talk at least 10 minutes about those things. I'm not sure if I'll have time to put together slides for a 20 minute talk, but if I do, I'll let you know.

In the event that we don't have enough people for a meeting, if anyone wants to have an informal meetup at a coffee shop or library, let me know and we'll all hang out.

I would like to know about

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I would like to know about Multisite configuration.

Sounds good to me. I think I

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Sounds good to me. I think I can actually scrounge up close to 20 minutes worth of multisite material, so put me down for a 20 minute talk on it.



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Multisite sounds good...

Multisite is

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double-plus good.

That's strange, I have the

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That's strange, I have the signed up configured for open. You should be able to sign up as long as you are part of the Albany group.

No soup for you Maury /vague

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No soup for you Maury

/vague Seinfeld reference

Lima bean, blech...

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not a big fan.

Lightning Rounds

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If there is interest I can briefly speak about any of the following topics:
1. @font-face and Drupal
2. Building a conference site with COD
3. Importing data with Feeds
4. Webform 3

Building a conference site

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Building a conference site with COD

This would be new and interesting to me :)

re: Lightning Rounds

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I vote for building a conference site with COD

Can you guys put each talk

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Can you guys put each talk session as separate comment so that people can vote on each one individually!

I will be attending this session

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I will be attending but will probably not present anything. Perhaps next time.


Mahesh, I think the verdict

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Mahesh, I think the verdict for friday is:

20 minute sessions:
- 960 Grid, Less & Bootstrapper - njmahesh
- Multisite configurations - patrickavella
- Building Conference sites with COD - topazz

Lightning Rounds:
- Feeds Module - mbouchard58

Which sounds pretty good to me!

Albany, NY

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