Brevard County Meetup - April 12

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2012-04-12 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Join us on Thursday evening, April 12th at 6:30pm for the latest installment of the Brevard Drupal Meetup Series, 2nd Edition. Topics for this meetup may include (but not be limited to):

  • DrupalCon Denver
  • Drupal Ladder ( - just try to stop Ben from talking about this - I dare you
  • Using the Rules module to send notifications of new OG content -Susan Jeck - (shhh, it's a surprise, she doesn't know that I'm putting her on the agenda)
  • redesign review and call for volunteers

As always, we'll also leave some time for some free-form discussion about any Drupal-related topic.

The meetup will take place at The Porcher House in Cocoa Village. You're welcome to bring food and drink to the meetup, but please be respectful and leave the venue cleaner than we found it.

Please use the signup functionality below so we have an idea about how many people to expect.


Meetup April 12th

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I'll be there!

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Hey all - I just moved to Orlando, but I work in Titusville. I'm always game for a Drupal session. I may very well swing by next weds...

If you want to move closer to

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If you want to move closer to work, I have a townhouse in Titusville for sale cheap!

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I didn't see that earlier...

@Michael Baker It would be

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@Michael Baker

It would be great to see and meet you. Please definitely consider joining us!


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@Michael Baker - you said "weds", but be sure to note that the meetup is Thursday, April 12...


Remote Access to Brevard Meetups

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Just wondering if we could set up remote access to our Brevard meetups via / or Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely in favor of people showing up to our meetings rather than viewing it remotely, but I can't help but feel, that there are probably some folks who are a long distance from our Meetups or due to other extenuating circumstances won't be able to attend, but would gladly access it remotely.

I've been asking for this for

greta_drupal's picture

I've been asking for this for awhile. I'll let Mike or Ben explain the "why not". But, FYI to you, the Orlando Drupal Meetup (Ben) does remote participation through Google Hangout. Works well.

South Florida group does remote participation too. Other non-FL groups, as well.

Remote Access

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Thanks for the info regarding Google Hangout. I just downloaded it and will check it out. Yeah, I was aware that other Drupal meetup groups were providing remote participation, and I think we should as well, unless there is some technical issue preventing us from doing so.

I'm definitely for remote

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I'm definitely for remote access and am always happy to make it happen. I've attended a lot of the Orlando meetups in person and remotely.

I know Greta asked for it before, but the problem we have, at least in the location that we are meeting now, is reliable wifi. The poor DSL modem can barely handle the ten or so of us pounding it and I just don't think it could withstand the full video needed for a G+ hangout.

I'm not opposed to remote access at all and I would be willing to give it a shot with the caveat that it may not work during this next meetup.

What would help is if anyone not presenting refrain from using the wifi. This could preserve some bandwidth.

Someone just remind me to do it and I will start a hangout and we will see how it goes.

Remote Access to Brevard Meetups

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Sounds like a good approach. I agree that people in attendance that are not presenting don't need to be using the wifi. That might give you the needed bandwidth for the G+ hangout.

Would love to attend, but..........

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I have a very tough Tennis match that night against a guy younger than half my age, which the last time I played against him, it was an exhausting 2.5 hrs match, and I barely beat him. If the match goes like the last one, we won't even be getting off the court until after 7:30 pm. I'll immediately check in to see if you're broadcasting it remotely, when I get home. Ben, please sent out notifications on how to access the remote. Thanks!

For the remote participation,

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For the remote participation, just follow me on G+. I will start a hangout and then anyone that wants to can join in.


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