Call for prototypers

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If you have development chops, designers and other contributors of this community need your help bringing designs to life.

Allow me to paint a picture of the need and skills required...

The task of creating content has been redesigned (, and has reached a point of consensus. At this point, the design really needs to interactive to flush out how all of the various interactions will work (or don't). Additionally, once made interactive, we validate the direction by testing the prototype with end users.

If you have and of the following skills, you can help. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best, you understand...
- HTML: (5)
- HTML 5: (3)
- CSS: (5)
- CSS 3: (2/3)
- JQuery and/or Javascript: (4)
- Drupal theming: (5)
- Drupal module development: (2/3)

If you fit these skills, please add your name and contact information here:

This is a Wiki, so edit away if more information is needed.


I added a css column to the

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I added a css column to the doc which I am guessing was left out just by mistake.

If not feel free to remove it.

Where is the most recent

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Where is the most recent mockup? Is it in the issue summary? Maybe someone could post it above.

Lewisnyman, I think you're

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Lewisnyman, I think you're missing the point. The goal here is to simply collect people that are willing to help prototyping. What they actually prototype will change on an ongoing basis.

Was going to add a Documentation Column...

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But decided to add it as a note after my ego score.

For example

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How the new way of previewing content should work would definately benefit from a clickable prototype.

I’m in, but

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I don’t have a perfect candidate score, mostly because I’m new to Drupal. I have 6 months building Drupal sites full-time; this would be my first experience as a contributor. I’ve read through the design and implementation threads so I’m up to speed, and I’ve added my details to the spreadsheet.

I'm in.

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I have the necessary skills listed above.
I have spoken with yoroy about doing this at DrupalCon Denver.
I have been on vacation with my family since DC Denver However......
Starting next week. I'm going to start building some stuff. My plan is to use panels / hacks
to get some stuff to play with. As everyone knows it might not be pretty code but it should serve it's purpose.
Elegant solutions can be derived from there.
I'm thinking it might be best to either create a feature or more likely a distribution that people can install themselves and play with.
@noyz Your google spreadsheet link wouldn't work for me. (invalid spreadsheet ??)

I am in

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Hoping to get a mail for initiative owner to start with.
I have also added one column Time-Zone.

Just a note we now have a

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Just a note we now have a working prototype at for creating content!

We would definitely love help with creating a prototype of the preview functionality.

Content preview prototype

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There's a single mockup in The prototype would show how you move between editing the content item and previewing it. Bonus points for exploring how the different view modes can be previewed.

Count me in

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I'm available from mid-May onwards. Have a few projects to complete before then

Thanks for the note.

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Do you have a copy of your resume thatyou can send to me?

My email is

I will send you a confirmatina as soon as I receive your email and tell you more about that company at that point.

425 633 2412