The state of NodeStream April 4, 2012

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We finally released NodeStream alpha11, bringing in new versions of several modules, among them Panels, which includes the new panels in-place editor.

We also added support for translations using the awesome Entity translation module. The implementation is in form of a feature that will enable entity translations for all content types in NodeStream once it's enabled. We also made sure this works with the blog and the newspaper product, and it all seems to be working really nicely.

We added support for the Localization update module, and translations are automaticly downloaded from during install if you use another language than english.

We initially thought that it would be a good idea to support both entity translations and content translations, but when we tried out entity translations a little more we realized that there are almost no use cases where we would want to use the old content translation system instead, so we are probably not going to create a feature for supporting that. We are going to focus on helping out with getting Entity translation stable instead since it is a way more elegant solution to the problem. If you have arguments against this, please comment on this thread or post an issue in the queue!

We are going to focus on these things the following weeks:

  • A translation workflow feature
  • We currently want to support hiding content that isn't translated but there seems to be some issues with that. We are going to look into that some more.
  • We need to support translatable panel titles
  • More tests for the remaining features!